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Stainless steel milling

Technical characteristics

Stainless steel milling is carried out with rotating blades. The cutting tool moves along a constant radius, the feed is in a perpendicular direction from the plane in which the rotation occurs. Milling is a universal technical method that is suitable for working with both stainless steel products and workpieces made of other alloys. Machining with a milling cutter is highly productive. Slots, grooves, planes, ledges on rectangular sections, ledges on profile sections, shaped reliefs of products - this is not a complete list of what can be done with the help of milling. Milling is used for cutting rods, pipes, and applying external or internal threads.

Types of cutters and types of processing

Stainless steel milling of flat and shaped sections is carried out with a multi-tooth milling cutter, each tooth of which is a separate cutter. Stainless steel milling can be carried out with cylindrical milling cutters, either prefabricated or solid. The prefabricated milling cutter has inserted blades. Vertical milling machines and special-purpose milling machines are equipped with end milling cutters with especially hard alloy blades. Face-mounted end mills, which can be either solid or with various inserted blades, are used for machining of complex constructions with different surfaces, inclined and parallel surfaces - bevels and steps on stainless hexahedrons or cubes.


Milling of ledges and grooves is carried out with key-, disc and ring cutters. Ring cutters are used if grooves are to be made in the workpieces or if a semi-open plane is to be machined. Milling of closed key grooves is done with a key mill, while for straight or helical grooves, e.g. grooves between mill teeth, countersinks, reamers, etc ., an angular cutter is used. If it is necessary to cut a narrow slot, a slotted cutter is used. Specialized shaper cutters are used to process shaped products. During primary milling, the milling cutter feeds the workpiece toward the milling cutter. For final finishing, the product is guided "under the cutter" to achieve a smoother surface.


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