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Austenitic steel

Technical characteristics

Austenite in carbon steel — it is an interstitial solid solution when carbon atoms penetrate into crystalline lattice of γ-iron as a result of a final thermal treatment. Austenite in alloyed steels is a substitutional solid solution when atoms of alloying metals substitute atoms of iron. Stainless steels of austenitic class contain up to 16% of chrome and 6% of nickel. There can be added such elements as titanium, molybdenum, or copper. They are added in order to improve heat and corrosion resistance. The price of manufacture of austenitic alloys is comparatively lower than the price of modern alloys that need a high percentage of nickel.

Heat treatment

Austenitic steel keeps its structure after annealing and hardening as a result of age-hardening. Austenitic steel possesses perfect creep strength in a temperature range of 700−800°C.

Cryogenic temperatures

Stainless austenitic steel is suitable for manufacture of cryogenic parts as long as presence of nickel in composition of austenitic steels unlike in other steel alloys allows preventing brittleness in a range of very low temperatures.


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