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Rod, wire made of indim

Wire, rod POIN-52 solder


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General characteristics

Indium is silver-white metal. It differs with high fusibility, significant softness, forgeability. Its name came from spectroscopic indium line (indigo-blue color). By its chemical properties, indium is similar to gallium and aluminium. It looks like zinc.

Physical features

Description Identification
Atomic (molal) weight mole/h 114.818
Oxidation rate 3.1
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point 153°С
Melting heat kJ/mole 3.24
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 81.8
Evaporation heat kJ/mole 225.1


Indium presence in whole range of minerals can be met in the capacity of low-percentage additives. A high ferriferous zinc sulfide contains indium up to a tenth of percent,
pyritous copper — one order less, pyrrhotine and tin-stone — permil of percent. Indium concentration in tungstenite, arsenic iron, iron pyrite constitutes a few gramme per tonne. Total content of this element in lithospheric area is about 0.25 g/t, in seawater is 18 g/t.

Nowadays, indium is obtained from intermediate manufacturing runoffs of zinc, copper, plumb, and tin. Despite its paltry content (up to 0.1%) and very hard separation from cadmium, copper, zinc, antimony, it is worth the effort: indium is much-requested. In the first concentration, there is performed its rough separation from zinc, cadmium, copper. Ingoing material is treated with sulfuric acid that dissolves the metals. By hydrolytic decomposition, there is extracted a concentrated product. It is reached with changing of acid solution intensity. Cadmium hydroxide is settled down at pH of the order 8, copper and zinc hydroxide — at 6. For «transplanting» of indium hydroxide, index of pH solution must indicate 4. «Impure indium» is separated by carbonization of aluminium and zinc concentrate. «Pure indium» is obtained by purifying reaction with zone refining.

Rod, wire

Initially, there is manufactured ingot of cylindrical shape (indium rod) that is pressure treated then. It is made out of In00 grade (purity 99.999%), with a diameter of 21−25 mm, with a length of 60 mm, or with a diameter of 22−24 mm, a length of 63−67 mm. Surface of products can have irregularities and shrinkholes. Such defects must not violate standard tolerance sizes according to GOST.


Modern radoitechniques cannot do without application of indium wire. Indium wire is used in semi-conductive microelectronics along with silicon and germanium. Wire is applied as a component of easy-melting alloys and solders.

Due to unique indium adhesion with many materials (for example to solder it with glass), wire is utilized in the capacity of packing covers, layings. It is also applied for packaging of elementary particle accelerators, spaceships. Thermal-neutron capture cross-section of this wire is important in nuclear energetics. Indium strip and wire are indispensable at manufacture of electrodes in electroforming. Electrochemical relationship of mercury oxide with indium founds an application in high energy storage accumulators. Indium is five times softer than plumb. With a help of indium wire, there is made a spatter for decrease of friction between moving mechanism parts. Coverage of diesel forcer aluminium skirts with indium decreases their wearing quality.

Indium is delivered in closed-type transport. Small lots are transported by rail transport. In00, In0 grades are available in the form of pyramids or ingots with a weight of 0.05−1 kg. Other grades are available of not more than 3 kilograms. Surface of products can have irregularities and shrinkholes. Every ingot is marked. Ingots of In000, In0000 grades are packed separately in polyethylene film. In00, In0 can be packed pairwise. Indium wire is kept in closed storages in original packing. It is isolated from contact with dust and aggressive environment. Guaranteed storage life is 5 years.

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