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Elinvar tube 36NHTJU


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
36НХТЮ EI702 1.3918 N09902 Buy from stock, view availability


By its properties, a grade Elinvar relates to a group of precision alloys. By a process of manufacturing, this alloy relates to a group of resistant to a corrosion precipitation hardening alloys. There are 3 main components in the basis: iron, chrome, nickel with additives of titanium and aluminium. A content of Ni composes around 35 — 37%, Ti — 2,7 — 3,2%, Cr — 11,5 — 13%, Al — 0,9 — 1,2%. The rest compose iron and masteralloys of mangan and silicon.

Percentage composition

P S C Al Mn Si Ti Cr Ni Fe
≤0.015 ≤0.015 ≤0,03 0,9−1.2 ≤0,2 ≤0,3 2,7−3.2 11,5−13 35−37 the rest


This precipitation-hardening non-magnetic and corrosion-resistant alloy has a mechanical strength to load — 120−160 kp/mm2 (1180−1570 mN/m2) and possesses a normal elasticity — 19 000−20 000 kp/mm2 (186 500−196 000 mN/m2). It is utilized in manufacturing elastic elements of extra-accurate transducers that work at a temperature up to 250 °C. A contact with an aggressive environment is permissible. It possesses a heat-resistance, has a great resistance to loads at high temperatures. These properties depend on a consistent interrelationship of atoms in a crystalline structure of a material. Elinvar is used in function of bearing material for manufacture details for internal combustion engines, gas and steam turbines, jet-engines, nuclear reactors.

Elinvar tube is resistant to corrosion in gas environment, in air and at vigorous heating. Usually, it is used for different low-loaded electric power installations and heat devices, where components that have a significant indexes of resistance are very important. Alloying with such materials as silicon, chrome, aluminium allows withstanding an impact of aggressive environment, because at heating these materials can form a protective film on a surface — consistent oxides.

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