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Copper-nickel alloys

Copper-nickel alloys supplier

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Used in parts of special purpose, which have a high strength and a high level of corrosion resistance are used in shipbuilding; for a manufacture of medical instruments in surgery; for electrical elements in radiotechnique; in springs, water propellers. Copper-nickel alloys have high cold endurance. They are used in cryogenic equipment.

Heat treatment

After heat treatment, alloy is exposed to hardening. Annealing is done at a temperature of 900−1000°C in water. Age-hardening is done at a temperature of 500−600°C. This material retains plasticity and strength at low temperature. It does not rust in water. Rupture strength exceeds 600 MPa in aged condition at room temperature. When a temperature downs to -180°C, resistance increases to 700 MPa.

Brass and bronze

Alloyed copper is widely used in various spheres of industry. Copper with its required properties is obtained by a method of adding such components as tin, zinc, silicon, aluminium, plumb, nickel, manganese to composition. Content of coper in alloys must be more than 30%. Brass is alloy of copper and zinc (copper = 55−96%; zinc = 45−4%). It is less exposed to oxidizing. It is more consistent than copper. Additives of aluminium, tin, nickel, manganese increase anti-corrosive resistance. Masteralloys of plumb and silicon increase its antifriction properties. Castings and sheets are used in mechanical engineering, instrument engineering, optics, chemical, paper-and-pulp industries, in manufacture of grids.

Bronze. Initially, copper (80−94%) tin (20−6%) alloy was called bronze. Nowadays, there are manufactured tinless bronzes that are designated by the main component after copper. They are widely used in automotive industry (bearings, radiators), mechanical engineering, manufacture of chemical equipment. There is 5−11% of Al in aluminium bronze. Such alloys possess high anti-corrosive resistance and have perfect mechanical properties. There is 25−33% of Pb in plumb bronzes. They are mainly used in manufacture of sleeve bearings that operate at high speeds. There is 4−5% of Si in silicon bronzes,. They are used in the capacity of cheap substitutes of tin bronzes. There are 1.8−2.3% of Be in beryllium bronzes. Such bronzes have increased hardness and high elasticity after thermohardening. They are used in manufacture of spring products. Content of cadmium is insignificant and does not exceed 1% in cadmium bronzes. These alloys are used in mechanical engineering, manufacture of trolley wires, manufacturing the fittings of gas and water lines.


These are alloys of non-iron metals that are used during brazing for obtaining soldered solid seam. Copper-silver alloy (29−31% of Cu; 44,5−45,5% of Ag; and zinc) is widely used among braze solders.

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