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Metal indium

Technical characteristics

Indium was opened in the mid 19th century when the spectroscopic analysis of the zinc blende. The researchers were looking for gallium, but is the green line of that element found in the spectra of unknown bright line of blue color. Unlike other rare earth metals, indium is characterized by exceptional softness and plasticity. In that time, as the refractory metals have a melting point over 2000 °C, the fusible India this figure is about 156 °C.

Chemical symbol In
The proportion Of 7.31 g/cm3
Melting point 429,32°To
Boiling point 2353°K
The specific heat of fusion 1 3,24 kJ/mol
The latent heat of vaporization 575 kJ/mol
The degree of oxidation +1, +3

As a rule, the alloys India is associated primarily with the solders. Due to its high adhesion this item is almost indispensable in soldering a variety of materials. Thus, the metal indium with the same success not only creates a strong connection, but it is also used in the manufacture of LCD screens. It is used as the acceptor additive to Germany and a number of fusible alloys. India high adhesion to most materials, allowing you to solder, for example, metal with glass.


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