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Metal indium

Technical Characteristics

Indium was discovered in the middle of the 19th century by spectroscopic analysis of zinc oxide. Researchers were looking for gallium, but instead of the green line of this element they found an unknown bright blue line in the spectra. Unlike other rare earth metals, indium is characterized by exceptional softness and malleability. While the refractory metals have a melting point of over 2000 °C, the fusible indium has a melting point of about 156 °C.

Chemical symbol In
specific gravity 7.31 g/cm³
Melting point 429,32°К
Boiling point 2353°К
Specific heat of melting 3,24 1 kJ/mol
Specific heat of vaporization 575 kJ/mol
Oxidation degree +1, +3

As a rule, indium alloys are primarily associated with solders. Because of its high adhesion this element is practically indispensable in soldering various kinds of materials. For example, indium metal not only creates strong joints with equal success but is also used in the manufacture of liquid crystal screens. It is used as an acceptor additive to germanium and a number of fusible solders. Indium's high adhesion to most materials allows soldering, for example, metal to glass.


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