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Aluminum bar

Aluminum bar


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
AMC 3003 3.0517 AlMn1Cu Buy from stock, view availability
D16 1160 3.1355 AA2024 AlCuMg2 Buy from stock, view availability
D16T Buy from stock, view availability
AD1 1013 Al99.3 Buy from stock, view availability
D1 1110 Buy from stock, view availability


The most practical type of rolled aluminum is a bar. It is made with round, hexagonal, or square cross-section of aluminum alloys (GOST 21 488-97). Its indisputable advantages open up the widest scope of application.


Aluminum bar has a low specific weight, it is cheap, durable and perfectly amenable to any type of machining, has excellent thermal and electrical conductivity. Due to the presence on the surface of a solid oxide film, aluminum is very resistant to corrosion and the negative effects of the environment, while it is completely non-toxic, non-magnetic, aesthetic and biologically inert, the sum of technological indicators aluminum exceeds steel, it is very light, technological and cheap material that is resistant even to sea water.


The main disadvantage of chemically pure aluminum is that it is less strong than steel, cannot withstand heavy loads and high temperatures.


Quality Characteristics Marking
Sectional shape round KR
Sectional shape square EF
Sectional shape hexagonal SHG
Heat treatment
no heat treatment
Material state hardened
State of material soft М
Delivery condition aged naturally Т
Delivery condition artificially aged Т1
Strength normal
In durability increased PP
Length measured multiple length KD
By length of off-length of the required size NK
By length coils BT


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Name GOST Mark Size Price
Aluminum bar 4784, 1131 AVP, AK4-1, AK6, AK6PP, AD1, AD31, AD31T1, AD33T1, AMg2, AMg3, AMg5, AMg6, AMg6M, AMz, AMTS, B95, B95T1, 4,0-660,0 Contractual
Aluminium bar 4784, 1131 D1ПП, D1T, D1, D16, D16ПП, D16T, D16TP, D16Tcv, D16HT, D16CHTP, D19T, D19HT, D19CHTP, D20, D20T1, SAP-2, 1915, 1561, 1561M 4,0-660,0 Contractual

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Supplier Auremo offers to buy aluminum bar on the most favorable conditions. We offer the widest selection of bars made of aluminum and its alloys, whose chemical composition is regulated by GOST 4784 norms. Manufacturing of very high purity bars is also possible - GOST 11 069. The price depends on the order volume and additional delivery terms. Availability and prompt delivery are provided by our representative offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Eastern European cities. We invite to partner cooperation. Regular customers can buy colored steel with a discount discount.