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Welding and cutting

Welding and cutting alloyed steel, has a number of features due to the low thermal conductivity and high heat resistance of the material. Let's consider them.

Low thermal conductivity

Low thermal conductivity leads to an increase in temperature in the working area and requires an optimum selection of coolant, which in addition to effective heat removal should facilitate cutting and prevent scalloping. A solution to this problem is to use special cutting inserts, exclusively designed for alloy steels, and special coolants.


Heat resistant alloyed steel alloys are very ductile, which makes them difficult to cut. The ductility index is determined by the ratio of the yield strength to the tensile strength. The lower the ratio, the more ductile the material, the more it hardens under mechanical stress. Stainless steels are highly ductile.

Accelerated tool wear

Preservation of strength under high temperatures. This combined with the overlap leads to an accelerated wear of the cutting tool and does not allow high revolutions. Last but not least is the presence of hard intermetallic and carbide compounds in the steel which, despite their microscopic size, act on the surface of the cutting tool as an abrasive material.

Optimising cutting technology

To prevent the tool from blunting as quickly, the allowance layer can be reduced and the spindle speed can be increased. This will result in a surface with a higher roughness grade. Acid etching of steel surfaces has proven to be a good way to reduce accelerated tool wear and build-up, but it is extremely detrimental to the turning equipment and the turner himself. Optimization of the processing of alloyed steel - this is primarily the optimal selection of cutting tools, increased durability, the choice of optimal cutting conditions, and the correct choice of coolant and its optimal filing.

Grades of cutters

Hard alloys T30K4, T15K6, BK3 have high hardness and wear resistance. Wear-resistant tips T5K7, T5K110 are more ductile, but less wear-resistant. And, at last, BK6A, BK8 have lower wear resistance, but higher ductility - they are well-proven under shock loads. It is easy to buy any cutters by calling Auremo's supplier at the phone numbers listed below. Supplier Auremo guarantees high quality products.


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