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Wire, rod made of vanadium

Vanadium wire, rod

Technical characteristics

Improving of steel qualities is one of the main questions in metallurgy. Vanadium can perfectly cope with such task, stock of which includes wire, pipe, sheet, strip etc. It can also greatly cope with de-embrittlement of seams (when using a foil) and increase adhesive strength. These properties make it an indispensable material in manufacture of bimetal titanium-steel.

Why does vanadium wire deserve such popularity? Firstly, it possesses perfect characteristics:

— high strength;

— thermal resistance;

— corrosion resistance;

— plasticity;

— simplicity of processing.

Besides, vanadium can be made in a form of rod and bar. It can also be used as an alloy additive. Furthermore, vanadium oxide is effective accelerator. Its modifying properties are applied for increase of non-ferrous metal strength. Although vanadium strip relates to industrial production, the element itself is successfully utilized in the capacity of alloy in nuclear energetics, dentistry, work with precious metal. Demand for mill-products made of rare metals is growing year by year because vanadium increases wearing quality, thermal resistance, and construction strength.

Vanadium wire, rod supplier

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