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Sheet, rod, strip, wire, pipe made of C92200

C92200 C93200 C93700


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c92200 CuSn6Zn4Pb2 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Alloys made of tin bronze are well-known by their corrosive resistance. UNS C92200 relates to European bronze mill-products. This European alloy possesses good weldability, electric ad heat conductivity. Chemical composition consists of the following elements: Cu (89−90%), Sn (5.5−6.5%), Zn (3−5%), Pb (1−2%), Ni (1%), Sb (0.25%), Fe (0.25%), P (0.05%), S (0.05%), Si (0.005%). Density of material is 8,64 g/cm3.

Mechanical characteristics of material

1) Brinell hardness = 65;

2) Ultimate shearing strength = 275 MPa;

3) Flow limit (0.500%) = 140 MPa;

4) Elongation on failure (50 mm) = 30%;

5) Contraction of area (285 ° C / 545 ° F) = 30%;

6) Tensile yield strength (290° C) = 80 MPa;

7) Module of flexibility = 117 MPa;

8) Module of elasticity at tension 1% (285 ° C / 545 ° F) = 66 MPa;

9) Compression strength (permanent change of form — 10%) = 105 MPa;

10) Compression strength (permanent change of form — 0.1%) = 260 MPa;

Thermal characteristics

1) Coefficient of thermal expansion (at 100 ° C / 212 ° F) is 16,7 µm/m °

2) Hear conductivity (15 ° C / 59 ° F) is 69 V/µm


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