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Rod, hex bar made of titanium grade 5 (6Al4V)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
BT6 3.7165 R56200 6AL4V Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Titanium grade 5 alloy (Ti-6Al-4V) relates to α+β category. This category is the most widespread abroad among titanium alloys. They are used for a manufacture of large welded prefabricated structures, for example, fragments of aircraft. Besides, they are used for the manufacture of special cylinders, which are designed for high internal pressure in a wide range of temperatures from -196 to 450 °C. According to foreign printed publications, about 50% of used titanium in aerospace industry falls on alloy Ti-6Al-4V. Its analogue is a native alloy of titanium grade 5.


Popularity and wide distribution of this alloy are explained by successful alloying.
Aluminium in Ti-Al-V alloys greatly increases strength and heat resistance of components.
Vanadium refers to a list of few alloying elements in titanium that not only increase strength properties, but also a plasticity level of samples.
Along with high specific strength, titanium grade 5 has a minimum sensitivity to hydrogen, if to compare with grade of gost OT4−1, OT4.
Titanium grade 5 has low propensity to salt corrosion and satisfactory workability. It can be easily deformed in a hot condition.


Mill products that can be manufactured out of this alloy: rods, sections, tubes, stampings, forgings, plates and sheets of this alloy.
All these products are easily welded by conventional types of welding including diffusion method.
It should be noted that strength substantially equals to strength of base material when welding. It distinguishes this alloy in a good light. The same can not be said about titanium gost VT22, for example.
Titanium grade 5 is used in annealed and thermally hardened condition.
Annealing is performed at a temperature of 750−800°C for sheets, thin-walled pipe, sections, etc. Cooling is performed in air or in furnace. Annealing of large parts is performed at t° of 760−800°C. It is cooled in a furnace. This approach prevents buckling of products. It allows avoiding partial thermohardening for small parts. In recent times, experts are inclined to believe that it is much better to increase an annealing temperature to 900−950°C. This leads to increase of toughness level and impact hardness. At that, it will keep plastic properties of a product due to a formation of mixed composition, if there is a large proportion of the plate component. This type of annealing allows increasing corrosion resistance level.

Technological parameters


E 10— 5

a 10 6

l r C

R 10 9

Degree MPa 1/Degree V/(m/degree)


J/(kg/degree) Ohm-m
20 1,15   8,37 4.45   1600
200   8,7 10,88   0,586 2020
300   9 11,7   0,67 2120
400   10 12,56   0,712 2140
600     15,49   0,879  

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