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Nichrome, fechral, thermocouples


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Kh23Yu5T 1.4765 Buy from stock, view availability
X23Yu5 EI595 Buy from stock, view availability
X13Y4 EI60 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability
X15Yu5 1.4725 K91670 Buy from stock, view availability
X15Yu5 1.4767 K92400 Buy from stock, view availability


Such grades as nichrome 60−15, nicrome 80−20 refer to materials with significant electrical resistance. They are widely used for manufacture of electrical heating elements that operate a long-term in air at a temperature of 1000 °C up to 1300 °C; for production of ribbon, wire-wound rheostats, resistors. Among similar products of «Auremo», nichrome wire, band nichrome 60−15, nicrome 80−20, fecral strip and wire are the most on-demand. Continuous availability in a stock and the most affordable price from a nichrome, fechral, thermocouple supplier make it easy to buy nichrome, fechral, thermocouple. Our headquarters are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg and in different cities of Eastern Europe.

Properties of Nichrome

It is distinguished by its heat resistance and low-temperature coefficient of expansion; it has a constitutive electrical resistance, corrosion resistance under an influence of air and other gaseous fluids at high temperatures of about 1000 ° C. Furthermore, it is fairly workable (possesses good weldability and moldability in cold conditions). Mill-products of this alloy are: plate, wire, rod, strip. They possess a good heat resistance — in other words they have the ability to withstand high mechanical loads, without being destroyed at very high temperatures. On a surface of these products forms a stable oxidation coating of high density. These two factors provide a good performance of nichrome 60−15, nicrome 80−20 grades.

FeCrAl (Kanthal)

It is characterized by all of the above advantages and spheres of using. Fecral possesses a very high electrical resistance. But fecral is cheaper iron-chromium-aluminum alloy, nichrome is an expensive nickel-chromium alloy.

Comparative characteristics

Nichrome 60−15, nicrome 80−20 combine heat resistance with a good workability (can be rolled on foil or on very thin wire). Such alloys are more heat resistant than fecral, but unlike the latter, they contain expensive and scarce nickel. Fecral wire is much cheaper and differs by a high heat resistance. However, it is more fragile, therefore less workable (can not be rolled in a very thin ribbon or wire).


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