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Rolling ring made of titanium


Hot stamping of complex form with a minimal allowance for machining work (including turbine, compressor blades) are manufactured with a help of hydraulic press with an intention of 1600 -2500 ton-force and with a help of forging machine with an intention of 630 ton-force. Weighing is made up to 10 kg of carbonic and alloyed steels. Linear dimensions of stampings constitute up to 300 mm. A rolling mill RAW 315/260 and press with an intention of 400 ton-force manufacture all-rolled wheels with a weight up to 600 kg, with a Ø up to 2 m and with a length up to 300 mm. They are made of alloys of deformed grades.


All ring-rolling products are much-requested in a manufacture of working wheels of centrifugal type pump (impellers), centrifuges, for hydrometallurgy and petroleum chemistry. These products are required in bearing industry for needs of rocket, air engineering, boatbuilding and large-scale shipbuilding, motor-vehicle and mechanical engineering.

Range of sizes

There is a wide range of high-quality rolling rings (rolled, forged, pressed; complex or simple profiles, by customer drawings according to IS 1−90 084−80, IS 1−90 396−81 made of titanium structural steels). LLC «Auremo» cooperates with wholesale customers. There are ring bars in stock:

— with peeling-off;

— oversized ±6−10 mm in draft form;

— with a finish heat treatment in a full assembly with details and all types of required well tests. A level of mechanical properties, a quality of commercial forging steel comply with GOST requirements.

Rolling rings:

— internal Ø — 200−1790 mm;

— height — 60−300 mm;

— outer Ø — 340−2000 mm;

— forging weight — 35 — 620 kg.

Mill-products that can be made to order: rolling rings, castings, stampings of manufacturing models. A unique technology of bar manufacture is performed with a help of special-purpose equipment. Supply of rings is made in peeled or non-peeled variants and with full essential measures of control. Whole production run has a certificate of compliance with standard requirements and quality of technical exploitation conditions. There should be marked a drawing number, names of details, maker, alloy grade, mechanical properties of details, heat number, chemical composition and results of additional well-tests: pneumatic tests and hydro-tests. A quality of products is guaranteed by rigorous compliance with technological standards of manufacture.

Titanium rolling ring supplier

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