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Wire, pipe, sheet, aluminium AMG61, the price from the supplier


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АМГ61 relates to aluminium wrought alloys. Alloying has a multifaceted effect on the alloy quality. Magnesium and copper gives the alloy strength. Manganese, due to its properties, refines the structure, thereby increasing corrosion resistance and strength. Due to the alloying, the products of this brand are characterized by excellent manufacturability and excellent resistance to the possible formation of cracks.

The percentage composition of (GOST 4784−97)

Fe Si Mn Ti Al Cu Be Mg Zn Impurities
≤0.4 ≤0.4 0.5 — 0.8 0.02 — 0.1 91.1 — 93.68 ≤0.1 0.0002 — 0.005 5.8 — 6.8 ≤0.2 ≤ 0.1

In accordance with the requirements of GOST 4784−97 the amount of the alloying elements is in the range 6−8,9%. Thanks to the versatile mechanical and physical characteristics of the sheet

widely used in the manufacture of any products.

Technical characteristics

• heat resistance;

• suitability for roller spot welding and;

• pliability, strength: limit short-term strength up to 355 MPa, the yield strength is 190 MPa, elongation at break of 19.5%;

• good accessibility stamping, cutting, polishing;

• light weight,

• low speed cracking;

• corrosion resistance.

Pipe brand АМГ61 more durable than tube brands AMg5, it is important that at the same time not lose corrosion resistance. There are several types of supplies: metal: annealed, hot rolled and gorjacheotsinkovannyj.

Heat treatment

Annealing temperature 305 -340°C. this achieves the flexibility similar to pure aluminum, the ultimate short-term strength up to 355 MPa. And after aging gives a considerable samopoznanie. After the aging process leading features become hardness and stiffness. To perform the natural aging requires about a day and working t° up to 100 degrees Celsius. For artificial aging need a higher temperature, but the time is much less. On completion technology, the alloy becomes sufficiently strong and reliable material that can be used at high loads.

Mechanical properties of the material (t° =20°C)
Assortment GOST sin sT d5 Heat treatment
MPa MPa % without heat treatment
Pipe 18482−79 315 145 15 ---«---
Rod 21488−97 285−315 120−155 15 --«---
Tape 13726−97 375 275 6 cold deformation
Ribbon annealed 13726−97 305−315 145−155 15 annealing
Profile 8617−81 314 157 15 without heat treatment
Plate 17232−99 275−305 130−145 4−11 --«---


Mechanical engineering, aircraft building, production of high-speed trains, construction of residential or industrial premises. Sheet and rolled iron АМГ61 especially popular among shipbuilders, since the alloy of this brand has a high corrosion resistance in conditions of exposure to sea and river water.


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