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WRe20 wire


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Heat-resistance of WRe20 alloys

Heat-resistance of WRe20 is a function of wolframium and rhenium. A melting point of wolframium is 3410 °C; a temperature of rimming action equals to that one which is on the Sun’s surface (6690 °C). Wolframium alloys are in a lead through all other alloys because of their refractory qualities and hardness. Rhenium comes short of its properties in relation to wolframium because its melting point is 3170 °C, a temperature of rimming action is 5870 °C. Rhenium outstrips other metals in heat resistance, a high lasting-quality, and corrosive resistance.

Special features of alloying

Tungsten-rhenium wire that is alloyed with 5% of rhenium rises a plasticity of alloy, increasing a temperature off recrystallizing. It is very important in usage for positive thermocouple electrodes. If tungsten-rhenium wire is used in a form of negative electrode, so that it is necessary to have 35% of rhenium in composition in order to make a thermal emf as efficient as possible.


Tungsten-rhenium wire is stable to helium, dry nitrogen, hydrogen, nitrogen. An alloying with silica masteralloys increases a stability two-three times as much at a thermal cycle up to 2000 °C. Detectors WRe20 can be exploited in a vacuum environment. In order to provide more effective work in a vacuum environment at temperatures of 1800 °C and more, it is necessary to use electrodes of a big diameter. WRe20 is successfully used in a form of a differential thermocouple. These can be two equal thermocouples, connected opposite one another. These thermocouples are capable of providing a measuring of temperature drop between two junction points: conventional and effective.

Thermoelectromotive force

A reference value of thermal emf is reducing to grade 24,59 mV at a cooldown to 1600 °C. This index equals not more than 23,31 mV at a temperature 1500 °C. A level of a graded thermal emf is 21,97 mV at a temperature 1400 °C.


One of the main demerits of these alloys is a bad reproducibility of thermoelectromotive force, for which reason there is a need to group thermocouples by category А-1,2,3. The first category A-1 gives a possibility to use alloy at a max. temperature of 2200 °C; application mode of A-2 and A-3 is limited to 1800 °C. It is strictly forbidden to use a wire of different production runs because each of them has its «own» index of thermal emf. As far as rhenium and wolframium are rare metals, they are very expensive. Although a price for tungsten rhenium wire is much more than a price for thermocouples that consist of other elements, but still they are cheaper than alternative monitoring instruments for thermal cycles in similar industrial conditions.


Tungsten-rhenium wire is used in a manufacture of a converter and measuring installation. It is also used in HWR (heavy water reactor) for measuring the highest temperatures in metal industry (hot-metals). A measurement error is very small (±0,01°С) up to 2500 °C. It makes equipment for measuring HWR the most accurate in such an aggressive environment.

A standard reference table of tungsten-rhenium thermocouples at a 0 °C temperature of exposed ends.

Temperature of a tip °С Thermoef mV, for temperature, °С
  0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
0 0 0,121 0,246 0,373 0,504 0,637 0,772 0,910
100 1,337 1,483 1.632 1,781 1,933 2,086 2,240 2,396
200 2,871 3,032 3,193 3,355 3,518 3,682 3,847 4,012
300 4,512 4,680 4,843 5,016 5,185 5,354 5,523 5,693
400 6,203 6,373 6,543 6,714 6,834 7,065 7,225 7,396
500 7,908 8,073 8,248 8,418 8,588 8,758 8,928 9,098
600 9,605 9,774 9,943 10,111 10,280 10,448 10,615 10.783
700 11,283 11,450 11,616 11,782 11,947 12,112 12,277 12,442
800 12,933 13,096 13,259 13,422 13,584 13.746 13,907 14,068
900 14,549 14,708 14,867   15,026 15,184 15,342 15,500
1000 16,125 16,281 16,436   16,590 16,744 16,898 17,051
1100 17,659 17,810 17,960   18,110 18,260 18,409 18,557
1200 19,146 19,292 19,438   19,583 19,728 19,872 20,015
1300 20,584 20,725 20,866   21,006 21,145 21,284 21,423
1400 21,971 22,107 22,242   22,377 22,511 22,645 22,778
1500 23,306 23,436 23,566   23,696 23,825 23,953 24,081
1600 24,588 24,713 24,838   24,962 25,085 25,209 25,331
1700 25,816 25,936 26,056   26,175 26,293 26,411 26,528
1800 26,992            

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