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Forging, casting made of titanium gost TL3 alloy

Technical characteristics

Titanium casting alloy of gost TL3 was invented by Central Scientific-Research Institute «Prometheus» for operational use in marine condition. Alloy is manufactured according to IS 9071−88.

Main properties

Alloy Workable properties General characteristics Application
Titanium gost TL3 Good casting properties and weldability Low strength but good plasticity and corrosion resistance in seawater Products for marine engineering

Titanium casting alloys possess plate-like structure. Due to this, shaped castings have the following characteristics:
— lowered characteristics of plasticity and strength;
— low fatigue strength;
— relatively low rate for increasing the fatigue cracks;
— high fracture toughness.

Plate-like structures parameters of shaped castings are defined by casting conditions. They can be changed in a very small range.


Titanium gost TL3 is utilized in details of marine engineering, centrifuge parts, crystallizers, pumps, evaporators, dryers for needs of petrochemical, chemical, hydro-metallurgical industry, and municipal engineering. Nowadays, the most popular are details of fitting: cases, covers, valve disks (angle, safety, pass), cases and discs of brick valves, ball cases, blade wheels (impellers), centrifugal pumps.

Quality control

There must be done an obligation exterior check, a test of mechanical casting properties, analysis of chemical composition during manufacture of casting. There are used such methods of quality control: gamma-ray, radioscopic flaw detection, ultrasonic check, luminescent inspection. Sometimes castings can be put on trial under pneumatic and hydro pressure. In order to avoid dummy flaws, they are exposed to isostatic hot pressing. It draws its structure nearer to a structure of forged metal.

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