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Circle, wire, tube, sheet, strip of aluminum 2014


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
AK8 2014 3.1255 AlCu4SiMg Buy from stock, view availability


Aluminum and aluminum alloys are relevant today due to their optimal strength-to-weight ratio. Today they are indispensable not only in transport engineering: aircraft construction, shipbuilding as a structural: material, but also relevant for interior and exterior design of buildings. The demand for this material increases every year. Alloying further improves the properties of the metal. The main alloying components are Mn, Cu and Mg. Copper normally contains 4.4%, manganese 0.5%, and magnesium 1.5%. Magnesium and copper are used to make the alloy stronger. Manganese, due to its properties, refines the structure, thereby increasing resistance to corrosion and strength. In addition to the above elements, silicon and iron are also used in the composition. Fe is considered a harmful impurity, reduces strength and ductility. Si helps to reduce the harmful effects of iron, binding it to a certain extent.

Technical Characteristics

Aluminum alloy grade 2014 is designed specifically for use in cryogenic temperatures (below -150°C). It retains its plastic properties down to -196°C. It is worth noting that the European aluminum of this grade also has quite high strength parameters - up to 490 MPa. Of course, in many respects the characteristics of the alloy depend on the use of heat treatment, because it affects the increase in strength by reducing plasticity.

Aluminum alloy 2014 is annealed at 413 °C (775°F) for 2 to 3 hours. The alloy is then cooled every hour by 10 °C to 260 °C (up to 500°F). The alloy has good machinability when annealed and when kerosene or oil is used.


Construction of pipelines, technical, sanitary communication systems. Cold-rolled pipes are often used in mechanical engineering as blanks for rolling parts, stamping, cutting, pressing, manufacturing of prefabricated structures. It is practically impossible to do without such pipes in the oil and gas, chemical industry, automotive industry, shipbuilding, aircraft construction and in the creation of cryogenic equipment.


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