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Zirconium tungsten electrode WZ-8

Technical characteristics

Zirconium tungsten electrodes of grade WZ differ with perfect range of alloying elements. Due to this, technological welding process of constructions, arc kindling and burning become more facile. Zirconium tungsten electrodes have perfect productivity at alternate current welding, especially at heavy current load when advantages of WZ electrodes are better. Percentage composition: minimum 99.1% of tungsten, 0.15−0.4% of zirconium. By its physical and mechanical characteristics, this product is almost identical to tungsten. One of advantages of WZ-8 (white) is the fact that it guarantees purity of melt pool. This European electrode characterizes by continuing operational life and high productivity, especially when working under heavy voltage. By this function, it is inferior to cerium and lanthanated electrodes.

Description Identification
Trade mark WZ3, WZ8
Standard ISO6848
Dimeter 1.0 — 12 mm
Length 150, 175 mm and more
Added residual element ZrO2
Quantity of residual elements 0.2−0.4%; 0.7−0.90%
Other additives <0,20%
Color Brown, white

Sphere of application

Welding of bronze, magnesium, aluminium, nickel alloys. It is most often used for alternate current welding of aluminium and magnesium alloys.


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