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Tool steels

Technical Characteristics

Tool steels are resistant to high temperatures (redness), do not lose their hardness (63 - 70 HRC), even during heating up to 600-700°C. Quick-cutting edges have high performance qualities. Relatively easy processing of "raw" metal that acquires hardness after hardening, optimal price - all this makes them indispensable for the production of a huge variety of tools used in woodworking or metalworking.


Chromium increases hardness and resistance to corrosion. Tungsten increases hardness and red resistance. Vanadium increases strength, impact and abrasion resistance; cobalt increases heat resistance, magnetic permeability. Molybdenum makes the alloy red resistance, strength and prevents oxidation at high temperature. Manganese content above 1% increases impact strength, wear resistance.

High-speed steels: round, square.

High-speed steels are designed for tools for processing metals, plastics, wood, rubber and many other materials. In the manufacture of cutting elements of electric planer drums, blades of jointer and other types of lathe cutters, "square" quick-cutters are often used. "Circle" is used for finger cutters, circular cutters, taps, drills, circular saws, scales and similar cutters.


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