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Rod, tube made of alloy 27KH


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Technical characteristics

27KH is a soft-magnetic alloy. According to GOST-19 693−74, it has non-exceeded (4 kA/m) coercive field by induction. Soft-magnetic alloys have a high initial permeability. They can magnetize to saturation in weak-fields. Composition constitutes cobalt, nickel, and iron. Such alloys are melted in special metallurgical furnaces for obtaining required shapes, exposing their ingots to malleating and rolling in future. To the group of soft-magnetic materials relate a very pure ferromagnetic iron, low-carbon electrotechnical steel (unalloyed, silicified), precision low-coercivity alloys with iron-nickel or just iron basis, ferrimagnetic and ferromagnetic powder materials. Due to high workable and exploited properties, soft-magnetic alloys are broadly used in modern industries. With an appearance of such materials of new generation, there has appeared an opportunity to improve a lot of production methods.


It is used in electric machine industry, manufacturing magnet cores of variable magnetic field, transformers manufacture, electrical and radio engineering industry, automation systems, teleautomatics, measurement technologies. Soft-magnetic alloys are widely used in a modern industry at manufacturing transformer cores, microphones, components of computer memory, magnetic antennas, details for electric machines, magnet cores which are intended to be exploited in sea water. By virtue of these materials, it has become possible to provide a long-term and reliable working of a whole structure in a wide temperature range. Unique features of a material are conditioned by its balanced composition and special technology process.

Chemical composition of 27KH alloy in percentage terms, according to GOST 10 994- 74

Mn Si C Ni Cr P S Co
0.2 — 0.4 ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.04 ≤ 0.3 0.3 — 0.6 ≤ 0.015 ≤ 0.015 26.5 — 28

Alloys, that relate to a group of precision alloys, are used in innovative technologies, machine-tool industry, in manufacturing of accurate electronic devices, metrological and measuring devices.

Physical characteristics of a grade 27KH

1/Deg kg/m3 J/(kg/deg) MPa   Ohm-mm
100°C 10.7 7980 - - 2.2 200

Mechanical features of 27KH alloy at a temperature 20 °C.

Products sT sv d5 Dir. Size Thermal processing   KCU
Strip, GOST 10 160−75 295 590 20          
- mPa mPa % - mm - % kJ/m2

Hammer-hardened strip

GOST 10 160−75

  1080 2          
Welding Process
Boundedly weld — a process of welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С with the further thermal processing
Intricately weld — for obtaining qualitative welded jointings, it is necessary to do the further operations: while welding to heat to a temperature of 200−300°C, to perform an annealing — thermal processing after welding
Weld without restriction — welding is carried out without previous heating and without further thermal processing


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