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Sheet, trip, wire, pipe made of aluminium bronze


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
2.0940 C95200 CuAl10Fe2-C Buy from stock, view availability


Aluminium bronze is European bronze, which is particularly popular today due to its high strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and wearing resistance. Aluminium bronze alloys usually contain 9−12% of aluminium and up to 6% of iron and nickel. A microstructure of aluminium bronze contains at least 11% of aluminium and solid solution of alpha-phase. It is reached with iron and nickel kappa phase. Aluminium bronze possesses excellent corrosion resistance, high strength, durability. It has good casting and welding characteristics. Aluminium bronze casting is designated as UNS C95200 — C95900.


Aluminium bronzes are used in a manufacture of marine equipment, shafts, pumps, valve components, sleeve bearings for heavy-loaded machines. They are also used for a treatment of sea water, acid-mine waters, not oxidizing acids and industrial process fluids. Bronzes are designated as UNS C60800 and C64210.

Range of products

— Rod — lightness, workability, non-toxicity and durability are advantages of aluminium wheels over steel wheels.

— Strips — high heat resistance, fire resistance, water and seam impermeability are considered to be the demerits of this alloy.

— Wire — good ductility, low melting point, high workability, minimal weight.

— Tube — wall thickness is 1.0−6.0 mm according to a standard.

— Sheet — it can be made to order of any thickness and widths.

There can be made a lot of thing out of aluminium alloy: worms, nuts, ship equipment, gun-type welders, valve seats and valve guides of engines, corrosion resistant parts, bushings, gears, hooks and baskets for a marinade, blade impellers, transition joints for cables, terminals, valve pins, metalware of power transmission lines, hobs of water propellers, blades and other parts that contact with salt water.

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