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Busbar, band made of copper

Busbar, band


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
M1 Cu-DHP Buy from stock, view availability

Copper busbars possess very high plasticity, wearing qualities, durability, reliability, electric and heat conductivity. They are resistant to corrosion effect. Such busbars are very saving, simple in operational use and treatment. They can be easily deformed in hot and cold condition. It is subjected to reprocessing after utilization.


Virtually there the only one demerit — its low strength in comparison to steel.


2.0090 (Cw008a), 2. 0040 (C10100), C12500 (Cw006a) manufacture is specified by TC 48−0814−105−2000 and GOST 434−78. Chemical composition complies with GOST 859−2001. Process of sample capture is specified by GOST 24 231−80. When choosing busbars, pay maximum attention to their appearance — all surfaces must be mat, clean and clear. There must not be present edge delamination, cracks, fins.


When buying product, pay attention to marking. There must be designated alloy accuracy and composition of alloying elements. For example, 2. 0040 (C10100) grade consists of oxygen-free copper and minimum content of residual elements. It can be easily flowed and brazed at high temperature. 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12500 — Cw006a contain a high percentage content of oxygen.
There is required a special proccesing in order to weld or to solder such kind of busbar. Marking can also define a material state

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Used in electrical engineering, nuclear energetics, mechanical engineering. Copper busbar is most commonly used at installation of busbar duct for trolley lines. They have also got a wide application in manufacture of space vacuum equipment. These busbars serve for manufacture of linac details, distributing devices etc.

Thickness, mm Width, mm Range of products Price
3 — 12 20 — 120 Copper busbar 2. 0040 (C10100), kg Negotiated
3 — 12 20 — 120 Copper busbar 2.0090 (Cw008a), kg Negotiated
2 — 8 20 — 12 Copper busbar C12500 (Cw006a), kg Negotiated

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