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Rod, pipe, wire made of copper


Copper is known to humanity since ancient times. This metal is used not only in different sectors of industry but in culture, art, and everyday life as well. There is still no substitution for copper in electrical engineering. It is not equalled among other non-iron metals.

An original color of copper is red. Sometimes it can have a faint tinge of pink depending on residual elements. Classical red copper has golden tint. Oxidized copper sheets with ageing effect perfectly fit for roofing. Patinated copper sheet is popular in building on a large scale. Golden brass or bronze sheet is actively used by modern designers.

Technical characteristics

Copper relates to a group of heavy non-iron metals. It is obtained by ore processing and reworking of copper millberry. It is malleable, forgeable. By electrical conductivity, it ranks second after silver. Due to this, copper is used at manufacture of wire, electrical terminals. But pure copper is inferior to its alloys by mechanical characteristics. In order to increase strength properties, there are made two copper alloys: brass (Cu+Zn) and bronze (Cu+Sn).

Physical properties of Cu

Description Identification
Atomic (molar) weight mole/h 63.548
Atomic number 29
Density [g/cm3]

Melting point is 1400° 1085°С
Oxidation rate 3, 2, 1, 0
Heat conductivity K [V/m*K] 401
Molecular volume cm3/mole

Where to buy copper

Lots of people do a reprocessing of copper from metal scrap and use it as the most efficient source. You can buy copper at large enterprises that gather metal. Let us consider where we can buy copper in bulk. Base of metal scrap gathering and further processing exists in any big city. It worth noting that copper price per one kilogram differs in small gathering bases and in large metal-processing factories. This is normal occurrence. When junking a copper, price of which can be cheaper than market price, you need to take into account that metal purity, quantity and distance barriers from processing factory influence on cost. Manufacture is specified by GOST 1639−78 and must be held by every enterpriser.

How much does copper cost on metal market

Cost is defined by several factors: global economic trend, domestic economy of country, nearness to processing center. Prices are proxy measures of economic stability in such spheres as electronics, techniques, energetic where copper is used as a basic material and reflect growth dynamics of manufacturing industries. Cost of copper is defined by stock exchange.

Copper alloys

Brass products possess high strength and corrosive resistance. Alloy grade CuZn38 contains 62% of Cu, 38% of Zn. C6782 contains 60% of Cu, 1% of Al, 1% of Fe, 38 of Zn. Brass products made by cold deformation are use in manufacture of wire, sheet, strip, radiator tube. That or these properties can be improved by adding another metal. Corrosion resistance increases with tin adding. Plumb allows improving cutting. Iron and nickel additives strengthen alloy to 550 MPa.

Bronze joints a large group of alloys that are perfectly workable. It marks with letters «Cu» at the beginning. It is divided into casting and deformable alloys. Tin additive (less than 60%) gives high plasticity and hardness. Percentage composition of metals defines bronze properties by allowing to manufacture casting, sheet, strips, bar, pipe out of it. Tin bronze casting alloy is widely used in manufacture of stop valves, bearing bushings.

Bronze grade

Hardness HB 10-1

Melting point of casting (°С) TS (MPa)
CuAl9Mn2Br 70−90 MPa 1080−1150° 392−392
CuSn5Zn5Pb5 60−70 MPa 1250−1300° 147−176
CuSn8Zn4 75 MPa 1100−1150° 196−196
CuAl9Fe3Br 100 MPa 1080−1150° 490−392

Note: Range is given in σв (MPa) for chill-casting or sand-mold casting.


Copper possesses unique combination of useful properties. It is used in all spheres of human activity. About 70% of commodity general total overall is spent on manufacture of electrical devices. 15% is spent on building constructional elements. 5% is spent on component part for cars. About 4% is spent for constructional elements in transportation sphere and for other industries including manufacture of fire-arms.


Manufacture of electrical products is done out of different grades because almost all properties of copper can be manipulated by adding of various residual elements. Additives of oxygen-free copper are used in order to achieve a current conductivity. Sometimes there can be used oxygenate copper grades (where oxygen constitutes 0.02 — 0.04%). But usage of them impairs processes of welding treatment. Strength characteristics can be increased if to add arsenic in small quantity. Grades with lower oxygen content are more appropriate for casting. They are used in manufacture of pipes, wire, tubes, condensers, roofing.

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