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General information


The main products of modern metallurgical concerns is stainless steel rolled products, no industry can do without it today. It has high performance qualities obtained in the manufacturing process. After adding the necessary components to the melt, an alloyed stainless steel alloy is obtained, the main features of which are excellent mechanical characteristics. The excellent performance advantages have made it possible to expand the application of this material to almost all known industries. Stainless alloys are conventionally divided into the following groups:

low alloyed alloys contain up to 3% of alloying additives

Medium alloyed - up to 10% of alloying additives;

High alloyed - more than 10% alloying additives.

Steel grades

General information on stainless steel includes its grades. Knowing the grades makes it easier to select alloyed steel alloys. The classification includes 4 basic grades, which are indicated by a capital letter at the beginning of the grade name before the other symbols:

- electrical steel alloy - marked with the letter E;

- ball bearing steel - marked by the letter SH;

- automatic steel (for machining on automatic machines) is marked with the letter A;

- high-speed steel - by the letter P.


The way steel is used in industry directly depends on its class and set of qualities.

- Pearlite class found its application in mechanical engineering as a material for car parts or when making fragments of domestic constructions.

- The austenitic class implies that the alloyed stainless steel alloy acquires increased resistance to corrosion, thanks to the chromium in its composition. It is used in heavy and light industry, as well as for household products;

- Ferritic steels belong to the most in-demand type, as they are highly resistant not only to corrosion, but also to high temperature, thanks to a significant percentage of chromium and nickel in the composition.


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