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HN30MDB alloy


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Technical characteristics

Alloyed steel can be broken down into 3 categories: 1) constructive, 2) toolroom, 3) high quality with special physical and chemical properties. Alloy of grade HN30MDB relates to the last category. It is a heat-resistant high-alloyed steel. Compositions consists of nickel (29−31%), chrome (27−29%). Silicon (about 0,2%), mangan (0,5−1,8%), niobium (up to 0,2%), copper (up to 1,5%), phosphorus and sulphur (up to 0,02%) should be added in the capacity of masteralloys. Jumping-up temperature of mill-products is 1170 °C at the beginning; in the end it is 850 °C. Finished products (f.e. pipes) with a cross-section of <350 mm are cooled in air. Steel pipe of HN30MDB grade basically is manufactured in a form of round cross-section. Made to order pipes are manufactured in a form of oval, rectangular or square section.

Percentage composition of the alloy GOST 5632−72

Alloy Cr Ni C Mn Fe Mo Nb Cu Si B P S
HN30MDB 19−22 29−31 ≤0,02 0.5−1.8 34−40 2.8−3.5 0.05−0.2 0.9−1.5 ≤0,2 ≤0,001 ≤0,02 ≤0,02

Alloying produces multidimensional effect on a steels quality. Chrome increases hardness and resistant to corrosion. Nickel confers plasticity; wolframium confers hardness, red-hardness. Vanadium increases strength, resistance to impact loads and wipe out; cobalt raises heat-resistance, magnetic permeability. Molybdenum confers red-hardness, strength, resistance to corrosion at a high temperature. When a quantity of mangan is more than 1%, it increases impact index and wearing qualities. Titanium increases stability, corrosive resistance; aluminium raises resistance to oxide scale formation; niobium increases acid-resistance. Cuprum raises plasticity, prevents action of rust. Extra-qualitative steel contains borium, zirconium except for above-said components.

Pipe manufacture

HN30MDB pipes are classified by a diameter and by a thickness of walls. Very thin pipes have Ø of 5−250 mm and wall thickness of 0,3 — 6 mm. Thin pipes have Ø of 5−250 mm and wall thickness of 0,6 — 20 mm. Thick-walled pipes have Ø of 6 — 250 mm, wall thickness of 1,6 — 24 mm. Very thick-walled pipes are manufactured with a diameter of 6 — 70 mm, and wall thickness of 2 — 12 mm. Thermohardening should be done at a temperature of 1000 — 1100ºС with further cooling in water or in air at increased structural requirements. It conduces to normalization of inherent stress in a material and to increasing of strength characteristics of details.

Advantages of alloy

HN30MDB grade is a heat-resistant steel, that has a resistance to corrosion. It can work in aggressive environment at temperature <1000°C. An oxidizing rate is 0,02 mm/h in a free atmosphere at a temperature of 800°C. Such a steel lends itself to mechanical treatment satisfactorily. It is a long-life, reliable, aesthetic steel. By virtue of this, it is much-in-demand in spheres of national economy. This mallable material possesses resistance to aggressive environment. Its surface is not oxidized at durable exploitation or at a high temperature. The main demerit is its high cost because of expensiveness of main components (nickel, chrome).


Pipes of HN30MDB grade are used in reduced and increased pressure environment (f. e. in pipelines for supply of water, oil, gas). Such pipes are widely utilized in nuclear, chemical industries, in various furnaces, boilers; in manufacture of furnace conveyor, carburizing box; in mechanical engineering for manufacturing detail that are exploited on load. Welding structures, building-block modules made of this alloy are intended for durable exploitation in oil-refining, gas processing, chemical, oil industries at a temperature <1000 °C. This alloy is used not only in manufacture of pipelines of different cross-section, but in manufacture of heat interchangers, reservoirs etc. as well.

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