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Stainless and alloyed steel

A great selection of stainless mill-products is presented in stock of «Auremo» company. «Auremo» supplier offer the following mill-products made out of stainless and alloyed steel: square bar, hexagonal bar, bar, wire, pipe, sheet, strip, profiled iron.

Technical characteristics

Usage of austenitic or ferritic steels depends on alloying elements, working conditions and operational advantages of alloy. For example, alloyed steel 10H13G18D is applied for manufacture of household appliances, consumer goods, cars and devices of industrial and trade mechanical engineering, carriage building, plate heat exchangers. In comparison to the analogous alloys 12H18N10Т and 08H18N10, this grade possesses a great resistance to corrosion cracking and intercrystalline corrosion, high plasticity at a deep forming. Titanium is a soft silvery metal that differs with high corrosion resistance and strength. High-alloyed heat-resisting steels doped with titanium are used in details that work at high temperature of about 900 °C. The main alloying elements of titanium alloys: aluminium, iron, zirconium, vanadium and chrome. Titanium alloys are marked by a structure of crystalline lattice: in a shape of hex bar, cubic bar and mixed. By processing method, there are deformable and casting alloys.


According to GOST 5632−72, stainless and alloyed steel contains not less 10.5% of chrome, nickel or manganese that can dissolve other elements. These additives conduce to plasticity, uniform quality, and corrosive resistance to metal. Except for those additives, stainless steel has such elements in composition: iron, aluminium, zirconium, vanadium, silicon, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and other elements. Alloying conduces to increasing of heat resistance and gives a possibility to make out of steel the essential details. When choosing heat-resistant mill-products for unweighted work conditions, it is better to choose a grade of stainless steel with low content of carbon. Such stainless steel possesses balanced characteristics relatively heat resistance. That is why it is very popular. The highest resistance to corrosion in aggressive environment demonstrate the hard-alloyed compositions with a high percentage of molybdenum, copper, nickel, silicon. A grade with required number quality must be chosen depending on particular conditions (concentration of aggressive factor and a temperature). Application of stainless steel spares funds, time for service operations and repair of equipment in comparison to goods that are made out of common steel.

Alloyed and stainless steel has a number of special additives in composition. There can be the following alloying elements: niobium, manganese, tungsten, copper, cobalt, selenium, molybdenum, nickel, cerium, silicon, titanium, phosphorus, vanadium, chrome, zirconium, aluminium.

Titanium alloys

Titanium differs with super-high resistance to corrosion, vibration, and durable static stress. Winning weight that titanium gives without loss of strength is widely known to all engineers and implementers. That is why it is broadly utilized in manufacturing sphere. Titanium alloys are used in aviation and rocket equipment at a temperature of 260−500°С. At this temperature, aluminium and magnesium alloys cannot work and alloys of steel and nickel make a construction significantly heavy. Due to corrosion resistance of titanium, they are used in chemical industry. Extraordinary characteristics of titanium mill-products have headlined them to forward position in modern industry.


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