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Heat-resistant stainless steel

Technical characteristics

Iron, nickel, cobalt are used in the capacity of basis for stainless heat-resistant alloys. Heat resistance of such alloys is defined by melting point. The higher melting point is the higher temperature of repeated crystallization raises. Heat-resistance of steels is defined not only by chemical composition but by a state of alloying elements in alloy as well. Heat-resistant stainless mill-products are used while working at very high temperatures. Heat-resistant stainless steel has a very high rate of hardening, corrosion resistance, unique strength and hardness in hot state. Austenitic alloys on the basis of chrome-nickel and chrome-nickel-manganese alloys are used in many spheres: for manufacture of gas turbines, details of nuclear reactors, fragments of jet engines.


All types of stainless steel products contain a percent of chrome (not less than 10,5%). To increase a level of corrosion resistance, there are added such components as molybdenum, nickel. To increase a heat resistance, there must be added cobalt, molybdenum, tungsten. A content of chrome is a determining factor in defining of stainless steel quality.

There can be used the following alloying elements: niobium, manganese, tungsten, copper, cobalt, selenium, molybdenum, nickel, cerium, silicon, titanium, phosphorus, vanadium, chrome, zirconium, aluminium. Stainless steel is often replaced with carbon steel, which has a protective covering.


All above mentioned characteristics make the heat-resistant stainless mill-products highly-requested these days and in some cases, they are just indispensable. Heat-resistant stainless steel is used as a basis of heat-resistant parts of household appliances and fragments of gas-turbine engines. An application in medicine, pharmaceutical and food industries once again proves the versatility of this material.


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