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Stainless steel welded pipe

Stainless welded pipe is manufactured out of flat products, tube strips by electric arc welding and moulding methods. Stainless welded pipe can be hot-reduced, heat-processed and without additional treatment.


Stainless welded pipe is distinguished by cross-section. There are manufactured shaped (rectangular and square), round (made of thin-walled and thick-walled mill-products), oval tubes. Stainless welded shaped tube is widely used in building industry and is the main element of constructions at making supporting structure. Depending on processing method, stainless welded pipe can be polished, galvanized, with asbestos-cement covering or heat-insulation layer.

Spiral seam

Description Identification
Quality requirement AРI-5L GВ/T9711.1−1997 GВ/T9711.2−1997 SY/T5037−2000 SY/T5040−92
Additional information L245~L555 Q235 Q345 20#
Steel Х42~X80
Wall thickness 5~26 mm
Cross-section 219 ~ 2222 mm

Line seam

Description Identification
Quality requirement API-5L API-5CT GB/T3091−2001 GB/T9711.2−1997 SY/T5037−2000
Additional information L24~L485 J55 Q235 Q345 20#
Steel Х42~X70
Wall thickness 6 ~ 14 mm
Cut-crossing 219 ~ 406 mm


Electric-welded stainless pipe is widely is used in mechanical engineering, petrochemical industry, housing and public services, building industry. Pipes that have a huge diameter are requested for building of heat trace, petroleum and gas pipeline systems.

Advantages of polished stainless pipes

An interior polished face is very smooth and tight. It fits for transportation of any liquid: alkali, water, acid, petrol, spirit or milk. At that, there do not appear chemical reactions.


Polished pipes are broadly used for fitting of domestic boilers as long as boiler incrustations are not formed on walls. Polished outer surface perfectly keeps a heat and fits into general interior. They can be applied in architecture when making different constructions — decorative balks, gratings, stiles, banisters that are located inside or outside the building or in building surrounding grounds. Elements of such pipes add originality to interior. There are good reasons why polished steels have become ones of the main components of high-tech style.


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