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Rod, wire, tube, sheet, strip made of nickel silver CuNi15Zn20


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
MNTs15-20 2.0740 CuNi18Zn20 Buy from stock, view availability

Nickel silver characteristics

The material called nickel silver has become increasingly common in everyday life in modern products. This stuft is represented with alloys of copper, cobalt, zinc and nickel in different quantity. Other names of nickel silver are cupronickel, German silver. But the name «nickel silver» is the most popular in world. It is worth noting that this alloy contains residual elements of iron, plumb and other masteralloys. But their quantity does not exceed allowance noted in GOST 492−2006.

Cupronickel Cu19Ni

Main components Main components Fe% Mn + Zn% Mg + C% S% + Pb%
Ni + Co Cu        
18 — 20% Basis 0.5% up to 0,3% up to 0,05% 0,01% + 0,005%

Cupronickel CuNi30Fe1Mn1

Main components Main components Zn, Fe + Mn% Si % Mg + C % S %
Ni + Co Cu        
29−33% Basis up to 0,5 — 1% 0.15% up to 0,05% 0.01%

Main properties

Distinguishing color-grade of nickel silver is white color with yellowish and blue tint. Specific weight is 7,5 g/cm3. Melting temperature is 1024 °C. If to gauge Brinell hardness, it will reach 80 kg/mm. Due to various properties of materials included in composition, it assumes good corrosive resistance. At that, level of strength and elasticity are significantly increased. Nickel silver is very malleable in hot and cold condition. It can be easily exposed to polishing. All these properties depend on content of nickel and copper in alloy. Nickel gives corrosive resistance to material. Copper gives elasticity and ductility.

Nickel silver CuNi15Zn20

Main components Main components Zn % As % P % Bi% + Sb%
Ni Cu        
13,5−16,5% Basis 18−22% 0.01% 0.005% up to 0,002%


It is necessary to uphold a number of standards and statements in order to obtain high-quality alloy. CuNi15Zn20, CuNi12Zn24, CuNi18Zn27, CuNi18Zn20 are specified by GOST 492−2006. They are represented with various mill-products: bar, sheet, pipe, wire, bans, strips. Alloy grades differ with content of nickel and zinc against each other. CuNi15Zn20 contains 13,5−16,5% of nickel and 18−22% of zinc. Due to such proportion, this type of alloy is a solid solution (it can also be called single-phase alloy). One of its main properties is good pressure processibility in hot and cold condition.

Cover ratio

If to manufacture utensils out of nickel-silver, alloy must be covered with thin layer of gold or silver in order to prevent occurrence of metallic off-flavor. Cover ratio must be: 24.00 µm (permissible variation to the extent of ±3.60 µm) fits with utensils; 18.00 µm (permissible variation ±2,70 µm) fits with covering of knife handle. If layer of gold is applied over silver, its thickness constitutes 0.5 µm. The regulations, according to which are manufactured utensils, are specified by GOST 24 320−80.


Nickel silver finds the most common application in manufacture of essential commodities. Such alloy is indispensable in manufacture of medical tools because it can be easily disinfected and it does not undergo a reaction while using. It is also included in composition of electrical components. This alloy is an important constituent part of accurate devices. Nickel silver is used in manufacture of art objects, cupronickel vessels, and installations that work through water and steam system. In times of old, silver-plated expensive items were also called «packfong». Therefrom derived such names of products as nickel silver or Chinese silver. CuNi15Zn20 alloy is used for manufacture of jewellery and various decorative goods. This alloy provides perfect strength and wearing quality.

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