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Bar made of copper

Copper bar


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Copper bar differs with high workability. It is easy to cut, to drill, to stamp, to press, to mill, to install. It can be brazed and welded with any method. It is relatively not expensive at can work at a temperature range from + 250 °C up to cryogenic. High level of heat and electric conductivity, corrosive resistance, reliability, perfect aesthetic appearance, durability and full compliance with rigorous sanitary regulations make this copper bar much-requested in various spheres of manufacture. After recovery, copper is usually used the second time. The only one demerit of this rod is its low strength if not to compare with steel.


By length By accuracy

By a manufacturing method

GOST 1535−91

Form of section

— specific cut

— random

— specific multiple cut

— machining

— extra

— high

— standard

— cold-deformed

— (drawn)

— hot-deformed (extruded)

— square

— hexagonal

— round

Copper bars are made in semi-solid, soft and solid state out of such copper grades (according to GOST 859): 2.0090 (Cw008a), C12000 (C12200), C12500 (Cw006a), SF-Cu, C14200, C14200 (M3p). Example of definition: drawn, solid, round, extra-accurate copper bar 2.0090 (Cw008a) with a diameter of 10 mm. Intended to be treated with a machine.


Merits of copper bar — high workability, prefect level of corrosion resistance, ecological safety make it a semi-product of universal type in any sphere of national economy. It is widely used in shipbuilding and motor-vehicle engineering. This precious semi-fabricate is actively used for manufacture of valves, bushings, gears, nuts, spindles, screws in instrument engineering. Copper products are safe for human and widely used in system of gas and water supply. Perfect level of electric conductivity makes copper bar much-requested in sphere of electrical engineering and energetics while manufacturing non-magnetic cases and current-carrying constructions.

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