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GOST steel grades

Requirements for metal

Domestic grade of steel on their definition and classification reglamentary GOST R 54384−2011. If we are talking about the products of foreign producers, in this case, use the table that shows the standards of AISI, DIN and EN. In addition to the chemical composition with the standards GOST is determined by the process of rolled steel, depending on the scope of its use. So, for steel products carbon and alloy steel regulatory authorities put forward completely different requirements.

State standard and technical conditions

In the production are not only the material Standards for steel, but also technical terms. This is especially true of high rental and high strength. Primarily, this is due to the fact that the latter is used in extreme conditions of negative influence of the environment (shipbuilding, aviation, etc.).

Comparative analysis

To determine the steel quality, it is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of the material parameters GOST, because it depends on the strength and reliability of any design. For example, corrosion-resistant, high alloy high-temperature alloys and their stamps (for domestic producers) is given in the standard 5632−72.


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