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Pipe HN35WT (EI612)


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Actual alloy relates to high-alloyed heat-resisting alloys on iron-nickel basis. It is used in a manufacture of floating details that work at temperatures of 900−1000°С. This steel is limitedly weldable. Welding performs after a heating to 200 °C with further heat treatment.

Chemical composition of alloy

GOST Cr Ni W Mn Ti Si Cu Mo P Fe S
5632−72 14−16 34−38 2.3−3.5 1.0−2.0 1.1−1.5 ≤0,6 ≤0,25 ≤0,3 ≤0,03 The basis ≤0,02

Jumping-up temperature of semi-fabricates is 1170 °C at the beginning; in the end a temperature is 850 °C. Finished product cools in air. With respect to accuracy of manufacture, pipes can be manufactured of two types: extended accuracy or usual accuracy. There can be manufactured such types of pipes as: seamless hot-rolled pipe, cold-rolled and warm-worked commercial pipe, electric welded pipe.

Physical properties depending on a temperature


E 10— 5

a 10 6

l r R
Degree MPa 1/Degree V/(m/degree) kg/m3 Ohm-mm2/m
20 2.02     8160 1.045
200 1.94 15.1 15.4   1.050
400 1.83 15.9 18.8   1.120
600 1.77 16.6 22.2   1.160
700 1.73 16.9 23.8   1.170


Pipe made of HN35WT grade is hardly weldable. In order to obtain joints of high quality, it is necessary previously to heat them up to a temperature of 200−300°С, and to do an annealing after finishing a welding. Fastening of elements and pipes is performed with a help of hand arc-welding method and electrodes KTI-762. Further heat treatment is recommended for releasing of stresses while welding. Electric welded tubes can be manufactured in following forms: shaped pipes of a square section, circular longitudinal welded tube of oval or rectangular sections, square or rectangular roll-formed welded closed sections. Manufacture of tubes is specified by following GOST: 30 245−2003, 10 706−76, 10 705−80, 380−94, 13 663−86, 1050−88, 8639−82, 8642−68, 8645−68. Each of the standards stipulates individual characteristics of product.


HN35WT pipe is used in building industry, petrochemical mechanical engineering, paper-and-pulp industry. Their qualities guarantee a manufacture of products that have a long term operation. They can withstand load at a temperature of <850°C. When a temperature is higher than 850°C, on pipe's surface appears an oxide scale formation. Such pipes are widely used in building industries. It is also used in installation of heat-exchange systems.


HN35WT pipe supplies of various thread types: cut thread, straight rolled thread or without thread at all. There must be made an allowance (5 mm) for every cut. Pitch deflection must not exceed 10 mm toward a full-length. Pipe grade and size comply with GOST 3262−75. Pipe supplies with a length of 4 — 12 meters.

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