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Heat-resisting wire, rod, bar X12CrNi25-21, X12CrNi25-20

Wire, rod, bar (heat-resistant) Wire, rod, bar (heat resistant)


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
10X23H18 1.4842 310S X12CrNi25-20 Buy from stock, view availability
20Х23Н18 EI417 1.4845 310S X12CrNi25-21 Buy from stock, view availability


An alloy of X12CrNi25−21 grade is smelted in open electric arc furnaces. It consists of chrome — 22−25%, nickel -17−20%, molybdenum — 0,35−0,55%, manganese — 2%, carbon — 0,2%, silicon — 1%, additives of sulfur and phosphorus — hundredths of percent. Due to high nickel content, it relates to a group of heat-resisting materials. Temperature is 1150−1180°С at the beginning and 850 °C at the end. Hot-rolled mill-products have a thickness of 4 — 30 mm. The thin-gauge material has a thickness of 0.5−3.9 mm according to GOST. Quenching temperature constitutes 1100 °C with further cooling in air or water. Such processing conduces to a normalization of inherent stress and increase of strength characteristics of sheet.

Percentage composition (GOST 5632−72). Iron is the basis of alloy.

Cu Si C Mn Mo Cr Ni S P Ti
≤ 0,3 ≤ 1 ≤ 0,2 ≤ 2 0,35 — 0,55 22 — 25 17 — 20 ≤ 0,02 ≤ 0,035 ≤ 0,2


Sheet of X12CrNi25−21 grade has a high mechanical strength, heat-resistance, corrosion resistance to soil water and atmospheric moisture. It is resistant to many aggressive environments, including hot solutions of concentrated acids and alkalis. It also has a high module of elasticity and inconspicuous coefficient of thermal expansion. It can easily operate at conditions of strong heating up to 850 °C. Although such expensive additives as nickel, chrome, and molybdenum increase a self-cost, its perfect strength, long operational life, and reliability make it much-requested.

Physical characteristics at a temperature of 100°C

— thermal-expansion coefficient is 12,2 [1/deg].

— module of elasticity is 2,19 MPa.

— heat conduction coefficient or heating capacity of alloy is not more than 14,6 V/(m-deg);

— alloy density is 8, 38 g/cm³ (it can be insignificantly changed at a temperature raise).

— electrical resistivity- 1,1 Ohm-mm2/m;


X12CrNi25−21 sheets are used in energetics, building industry, mechanical engineering, oil-and-gas industry, chemical industry. Such sheet is indispensable in manufacture of welded constructions that operate in radioactive environment. Products that are made of stainless sheet X12CrNi25−21 provide the constructions with strength, reliability, long operational life. This sheet can be also applied in manufacture of hot-rolled dual sheets as a means of clad layer. Biological inertness makes this sheet popular in food industry and tool-medicine.


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