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Angle made of stainless steel


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
12X18H10T EP2 1.4541 321 X12CrNiTi18-10 Buy from stock, view availability


Stainless steel corner is a fairly new product in eastern Europe. Even 25 years ago, it was practically absent from the market, since it was used extremely rarely. In recent years, it has been used in the food industry and in construction, as auxiliary elements in decorative structures.


The stainless corner usually has shelves of equal width of 20−100 mm, thickness from 3 to 10 mm and is made by two methods: bent mirror and hot-rolled. Hot-rolled corners are supplied with a measured length — they can have different footage at different deliveries: 4−6 m and above. In this case, as a rule, 304 AISI steel is used.

Percentage composition of GOST 5632−72

Stamp C Si Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti S P Fe
12X18H10T ≤0,12 ≤0,8 17−19 ≤0,3 ≤2 9−11 ≤0,8 0,02 0,035 remains

Bent corners are made of stainless steel strip, which can also be ordered from the company «Auremo». Such a corner is equal-shelf with a shelf width from 20 to 50 mm, 1.5 mm thick and 6 meters long made of 304 AISI steel. Delivery in order to avoid damage is carried out in a special film.

Percentage composition of GOST 5632−72

Stamp C Si Mo Cr Cu Mn Ni Ti S P Fe
10X17H13M2T ≤0,1 ≤0,8 2−3 16−18 ≤0,3 ≤2 12−14 ≤0,7 0,02 0,035 remains

Delivery in order to avoid damage is carried out in a special film.

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The company «Auremo» specializes in the sale of rolled metal from any alloys. We offer a stainless corner in any region. There is a large assortment of corners of all sizes, in different ways of surface treatment. We also supply a foreign stainless steel corner of the 304 AISI brand. Our specialists will pack, complete and label your purchase and deliver the goods to the address you specified. All products are certified and available. The price depends on the order volume and additional conditions. Deliveries are carried out in the shortest possible time. Preferential discounts are provided for wholesale purchases.

The supplier

Supplies from «Auremo» are an excellent choice. The warehouses of our company offer the widest selection of stainless steel rolled products for various types of work at an optimal price. Taking into account the interests of buyers, the company «Auremo» offers to buy only certified products that have passed all the necessary. Using the services of our representative office or the company’s website, you will be able to purchase a stainless steel corner of the highest quality and in the shortest possible time. We offer discounts and additional profitable promotions to regular customers, as well as for wholesale purchases. We work for you.