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Seamless thick-walled pipe

Capillary thin-walled Seamless thick-walled pipe Stainless welded pipe


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
10g2 1513 10g2 Buy from stock, view availability
20X 5120 Buy from stock, view availability
40X 1.7045 5140 42Cr4 Buy from stock, view availability
30HGSA Buy from stock, view availability
15XM F12 13CrMo-44 Buy from stock, view availability
15X5M X5M 1.7362 501 X12CrMo5 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Seamless pipe is made by rolling on tube-forming machines. Seamless pipe does not have spiral and longitudinal seam. It is much-requested in mechanical engineering, energetics, oil producing, chemical industries, and community facilities. Hot-rolled tube is rolled in hot state. Cold-rolled pipe is additionally processed in cold state after hot drawing.


According to GOST 28 548−90, seamless tubes are divided by manufacturing method into:

1. According to GOST 8731−74 and 8732−78, hot-worked (exposed to pressure treatment at a higher temperature than recrystallizing temperature) tubes can be:\

— hot-forged;

— hot-rolled;

— hot-pressed;

2. According to GOST 8733−74, warm-worked (exposed to pressure treatment at a lower temperature than recrystallizing temperature) pipes can be:

— warm-rolled;

— warm-drawn;

3. According to GOST 8733−74, GOST 8734−75, cold-worked (obtained by method of cold deformation) pipes can be:

— cold-drawn;

— centrifugal casting;


It is used in making of pipelines, boiler systems, parts of turbines and engines. Seamless tube is stronger and more reliable than welded. Such properties as high wear resistance, long operational use, high-quality material guarantee an effective operational use in rigorous conditions. Diversity of dimensions gives a possibility to choose a needed type among wide selection of goods. For example, there is utilized the biggest wall thickness for water and gas pipe lines that work under high pressure.


1. Steel seamless hot-rolled pipe, GOST 8732−78

There is used a steel of the following grades: 10, 20, 35, 45, 1513, 20Cr4, 41Cr4, 13CrMo4−5, 30ChGSA, X12CrMo5. GOST standards 8731−87 and 8731−74 specify technical requirements to these products by dividing them into three groups A, B, C (in order of quality increasing). Typically, group C is most-requested. It complies with chemical and mechanical properties of steel. They possess high corrosion resistance and can be used in contact with chemical environment. Outer diameter is in range of 25−530 mm (there are pipes of up to 426 mm in stock). They are distinguished by accuracy of outer diameter manufacture — standard or high. Wall: 2.5 — 75 mm. They can be thick-walled or thin-walled. Thickness of thick-walled pipe is 12.5−40 mm; thin-walled is 6 — 20 mm. A length can be random 4−12.5 m or specified (tot he extent of random). A price is from 475 $ per ton.

2. Steel seamless cold-rolled pipe. GOST 8734−75

Due to its improved characteristics, cold-rolled pipe is more expensive than hot-worked.

3. Steel stainless warm-rolled, warm-drawn pipe, GOST 8733−74

Carbon and alloyed steel, grades: 10, 20, 35, 45, 13CrMo4−5. Outer diameter: 8−450 mm (usually Ø is up to 250 mm). The most frequently are sold pipes with diameter of up to 140 mm. Wall 0.08−20 mm. (depending on correlation of wall thickness and diameter, they car divided into four groups: super-thick-walled, thick-walled, thin-walled, super-thin-walled). Length of pipes can be random — 1.5 — 11.5 m, specified — 4.5 — 9 m. Price: from 500 $ per ton.


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