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Mill-products made of C52100

C51000 C52100 C54400


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Technical characteristics

C52000 is phosphorus bronze alloy, which relates to European bronze mill-products. Phosphorous bronze alloy has excellent combination of plasticity and strength. Alloying of phosphorous increases wearing quality, hardness, fatigue resistance. This allows using such bronze for fasteners, valves, masonry fixtures, bearings, springs, gears. Chemical composition of European alloy C52100 in percentage: Cu-92%, Sn-8%, P — residual elements.

Physical features

— density of material is 8,80 g/cm3;

— melting point is +882°C.

Mechanical properties

1) Ultimate shearing strength is 379−965 MPa;

2) Flow limit (depending on thermohardening) is 165−552 MPa;

3) Ultimate elongation at break (in 50,8 mm) is 70%;

4) Shear module is 41 HPa;

5) Poisson’s ratio is 0,34;

6) Module of flexibility is117 HPa;

Heat characteristics of alloy

Heat conduction (at 20 °C / 68°F) is 62 V/µm.

Copper alloy C52000 is annealed at a temperature of 482 — 677 °C (900 — 1250°F).

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