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Nichrome 80-20 strip


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Х15Н60 EHN60 2.4867 N06004 NiCr60-15 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80 EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80-Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Nichrome is an alloy that consists of two main components. The first is nickel, which dissolves other metals and by doing so, it keeps such properties like forgeability, ductility, thermal, corrosive resistance in aggressive industrial environment.

The second component is chrome, which possesses a high corrosive resistance and heat-resisting. Nichrome is also consists of iron, silicon, phosphorus, titanium, aluminium, manganese, carbon. Their cumulative percentage usually match almost in full.

Main properties

They are conditioned by advantages of nickel and chrome. The main of those are significant electrical and heat resistance. Nichrome 80−20 is capable of working at a high temperature to 1200ºС, while nichrome 80−20 to 1125 °C. Heat resistance directly depends on a percentage of nickel. Corrosive resistance, a low-temperature coefficient of expansion and high specific electrical resistivity allow using nichrome wire for manufacturing high-temperature heating units, which are effectively exploited in an aggressive industrial environment. A plasticity of strip gives a possibility to process it in all ways.


A high ductility and viscosity allow to conduct a rolled metal to 0,1 mm of thickness. Nichrome 80−20 is used for transformation of electric potential in warm. Important advantages are a minimum of weight, resistance to vibration, which allow to use it for hoisting cranes, nests of resistance; for production the starter-rheostat, resistor blocks. Nichrome resistors contribute more smooth start of electric motors. They render assistance in a brake of adjustment, operation speed of direct and alternate current electric motors.


Nichrome 80−20 is used for manufacturing of industrial hot-water generators, common electrical heater. It is also used in a process of production a cutting edge thermal knives (for sealing polyethylene bags), electric drying machine and heating elements of kilns. Nichrome 80−20 is often used for a manufacture of resistors, which are not claimed for a high accuracy, but at the same time, they are economically sound due to their cheapness.


According to GOST, manufacturing conducts in a technique of cogging or electroplating. Products with 0,1 mm of thickness are delivered in coils, sizes of which constitute 40 — 20 m. A strip 0,1 mm of thickness is produced in a soft thermal state. Thanks to its unique properties, it is very marketable. A cost of product depends on a market-value of nickel and chrome. Nichrome 80−20 is delivered in coils.


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