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Sheet, strip, foil made of hafnium

Hafnium sheet, strip (foil)


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Hafnium characteristics

Hafnium (Hf) is hard refractory silver-white metal of periodic system (number 72). Hafnium possesses close-packed hexagonal structure of crystal lattice with volume weight of 13.31 g/cm3. Valence is +4. Boiling temperature is 5400 °C. Melting point is 2150 °C. Thermal-neutron capture cross-section is about 100 barns, which is three times larger than in zirconium. That is why zirconium used in nuclear reactors must not contain hafnium. Natural isotope 174 Hf possesses low α- activity with half-life period of 2x101015 years.

Range of products

Hafnium sheet, strip, foil possess high strength, refractory quality, corrosion resistance. Their melting point is 2150 °C. Hafnium can form protective oxide film at standard temperature in air. In comparison to zirconium, hafnium is not so resistant to acids and alkalis. It can be dissolved in concentrated fluorhydric or sulfuric acid. But it is more resistant to hot vapor steam, air, and solution of alkali metals. Addition of it to nickel increases corrosion resistance and strength, improves weldability and strength of welding seams. Operational life of such sheets is much higher than in above notices materials. They are durable, reliable, and much-requested in the harshest conditions in modern manufacture.

Finished hafnium sheet must be clean, smooth, without cracks and contaminations. There are acceptable irregularities that do not violate standard sizes according to GOST. There are also allowed minor tors, color deviation that comply with standard regulations. Color deviation depends on conditions and terms of material storage.


Sheet sizes cab vary in wide range by thickness (from 5 mm), by width (500−800 mm), and by length (about 500−2000 mm), There is allowed length divergence up to 20 mm at large sizes. Sheets can be of specified or random length that is multiple or aliquot of 100. In order to obtain required qualities, hafnium must be alloyed with special additives (silicon, borium), or additives of tungsten, tantalum, cobalt. Such sheet is applied for super heat resistant and essential parts in rocket techniques and nuclear energetics.


Hard, heat resistant sheets are mush-requested in chemical industry, mechanical engineering, and nuclear energetics. In electrical and instrument engineering, there are manufactured anodes and cathodes out of hafnium strip for electric-vacuum devices. Lower low work of electron liberation than in molybdenum, niobium, tungsten and heat resistance make it possible to use hafnium in radiotechnical devices and manufacture of cathodes for electron beam guns. Manufacture of different electric heaters and thermocouple parts out of hafnium strip (5−20 µm of thickness) is possible due to high resistance.

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