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Aluminum plate

Aluminum plate

Karl Chapek has once observed that future penetrate in our days in parts.


Aluminum plate is longeval and lasting. It is easily mounted and incur to various mechanic processing, such as welding, boring and cutting. Constructions and details of different combination can be manufactured from aluminum plate. It is corrosion-resistant, light, has aesthetically beautiful view and responds for strict sanitary standards. Also it transfers significant temperature drops and is used in aviation even on the terms of Artic Circle.


Quality Characteristic
Cladding No cladding
Normal clad А
Technology clad B
Material condition Hot-pressing — without thermal processing
Naturally worn out, hard-tempered Т
Artificially worn out, hard-tempered Т1
Degree of finish conventional
High H
Hightened HD


Manufacturing of aluminum sheets occurs by method of forging, stamping and pressing from aluminum alloys due to GOST 17232.

Name Grade GOST Cutting
Aluminum plate

В2017, ENAW-2024, ENAW-7075, ENAW-3003,

AlMg6, AlMg5, ENAW-5754, ENAW-5051A, ENAW-2618A,

ENAW-2618, ENAW-1255, ENAW-Al99.5, ENAW-1050A, 1561, ENAW-1060, ENAW-1070A

17 232




Aluminum plates are very popular at manufacturing of different constructions. Demand for them is constantly increased, especially in building sphere, for example for manufacturing of decorative elements of interior and exterior. At food industry, electrical engineering and aviation the aluminum plate is impossible to replace. At transport machine building aluminum plates are used for pillars, shell plating and so on. At aviation they are popular at manufacturing of control elements, flat details and fuselage fragments.

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