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Nichrome 80-20 wire


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
Х20Н80 EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80-Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability
Х20Н80Н EHN80 2.4869 N06003 NiCr80-20 Buy from stock, view availability

Advantages of nichrome

— It can not be oxidized at a long-term exploitation;
— It has a high lasting-quality;
— Heating element, that is made of this alloy, can stand thousands of on/off switching before it will be destructed;
— It has a low coefficient of a thermal expansion.

Name UNS name DIN Material Alloy AMS ASTM
Nichrome 80−20 N06003 17 470/17 471 fev.69 Nichrome 80−20 5676


Nichrome wire — percentage composotion

Ni (Nickel) Cr (Chrom) C (Carbon) Fe (Ferrum) Mn (Mangan) Cu (Cuprum) Si (Silicon)


(Rare-earth materials

Al (Aluminium) The rest
Balance / Base 19.0 — 21.0 ≤ 0.8 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 1.0 ≤ 0.5 1.0 — 1.5 0.01 — 0.04 ≤ 0.2 ---

Strength at t°20°С

Percentage extension, % Number of bowing
> 20 > 7

Nichrome wire t°20°С

Hardness Density Breaking load Maximum working temperature Electricial resistivity Magnetism Melting point (ºС)
200 — 260 HB 8,4 g/сm³ от 637 до 784 m/Pa 1200°C 1.09 Ohm-mm2/m feebly magnetic 1400

Nichrome wire Cr20Ni80-Ni

Diameter Temperature Working time
Ø 6,0 mm t° 1100 ºС over 4 000/h
Ø 3,0 — 6,0 mm t° 1050 ºС over 2 000/h
Ø 1,5 — 3,0 mm t° 1050 ºС over 2 000/h
Ø 0,4 — 1,5 mm t° 1050 ºС over 1 000/h


— A high real resistance;
— Excessive resistance against a formation of an oxide, a thermal fatigue and a scale at a temperature of 1200 ºС;
— A high thermal cycling firmness;


It is used for kilns, high-temperature furnaces, resistor elements, industrial tubular heating elements and heaters.

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