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Solder posse 40-0,5


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Supplier «Auremo» offers to buy solder Posse-40−0,5 bulk or in installments. A wide range of alloys of all brands at the warehouse. Always in the presence of solder Posse-40−0,5 price — optimal from the supplier. Compliance with the international quality standards. Buy today. Delivery of solders are in the form of ingots, wire cross-section 1−1,4 mm or rod 3−5 mm. product Availability and quick delivery provide with offices located Moscow, St.-Petersburg, the cities of Eastern Europe. For wholesale customers, the price is preferential.

Technical characteristics

Solder Posse-40−0,5 made in accordance with GOST 21930−76; GOST 21931−76, refers to a little-antimony solders the broad purpose. The acronym Posse-40−0,5 stands for solders based on lead, tin is enriched with 40% and antimony of 0.5%. In addition to these elements, the solder is also present a small amount of bismuth, sulphur, copper, zinc, iron, and arsenic. These additives optimize the handling qualities of the solder. The melting point of the solder 183−235 degrees Celsius.

The percentage composition of (GOST 21930−76)
Fe Ni S Al Cu As Pb Zn Sb Bi Sn
≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.02 ≤0.002 ≤0.05 ≤0.02 58.366 — 60.95 ≤0.002 0.05 — 0.5 ≤0.2 39 — 41


Soldering and tinning of various components, such as sheet metal, radiator tubes, soldering of cables, windings of electric motors, copper, brass, zinc, galvanized iron, refrigeration equipment. The choice of solder composition depends on the type of the connected metals from soldering temperature restrictions on the process of soldering and subsequent operation of the connecting elements, corrosion resistance.

Mechanical properties of the material t° =20°C
GOST sin d5 y KCU Hardness HB 10 -1
- MPa % % kJ / m2 MPa
, 21930−76 40 50   400 13

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