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Sheet, strip, foil made of CuBe2NiTi

Sheet, strip (foil)


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Technical characteristics

CuBe2NiTi is tinless pressure-treated bronze alloy. Bronze strip of this grade is one of the most popular types of semi-finished products. It possesses balanced content of alloying elements and optimum combination of properties: high wear resistance, workability, elasticity, strength. This alloy has high corrosion resistance and excellent impact hardness. Thanks to good workability, and antifriction properties, this strip is widely used in manufacture of blanks for parts of moving mechanisms.

Percentage composition of alloy according to GOST 17185 -78

Ni Ti Be Fe Al Pb Si Cu the residual elements
0,2−0,4 0,1−0,25 1,85−2,1 ≤ 0,15 ≤ 0,15 0,005 ≤ 0,15 96,75−97,85 ≤ 0,5

Thermohardening of strip is performed at a temperature of 760−780°C. Age-hardening is done at 320 °C CuBe2NiTi. Strip is made with a thickness of 0.02−0.45 mm, and widths of 10−280 mm. Its thickness is 0,50−6,0 mm, width is 20−300 mm during forging and cutting,.

Physical characteristics of strip

E 10— 5

a 10 6

l r R 10 9
С° MPa 1/Degree V/(m/degree) kg/m3 Ohm-m
20° 1,3   100 8300 90
100°   16,5      


Bronze mill-products of this grade is mostly used in shipbuilding, mechanical engineering, motor building, instrument engineering. Springs, elastic elements of critical duty, wear-resistant parts of moving mechnisms can be made of this material.


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