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Circle, pipe, wire 08X17T aisi430Ti, 08X17 tp430


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
08Х17Т EI645 1.4510 430Ti X6CrTi17 Buy from stock, view availability


Stainless alloy 08Cr17T (EI 645) is designed for the manufacture of products that work in oxidizing environments of chemical synthesis. The alloy is also used where there is a risk of pitting, in atmospheric humidity, sea water, as well as in the manufacture of heat exchangers and welded structures that are not subject to shock loads and operated at temperatures not below -20 ° C, in the manufacture of equipment, soap, brewing, food processing and light industry. It is used as a cladding layer in the production of hot-rolled two-layer stainless steel sheets.

Production standards for steel 08X17T.

" Specifications. With special round, high-quality steel surface finish." According to GOST 14 955-77

" Assortment. Steel round hot-rolled section. " According to GOST 2590-2006.

" Assortment. Hot-rolled square steel bars. " According to GOST 2591-2006.

" Technical specifications. High precision shaped steel sections." 14-11-245-88

" Grade. Round, square forged steel ". According to GOST 1133-71

" Grade. Forged, hot-rolled strips of tool steel." According to GOST 4405-75

" Assortment. Round steel calibrated. " According to GOST 7417-75

" Assortment. Calibrated square steel. " According to GOST 8559-75

" Assortment. Steel strip hot-rolled. According to GOST 103-2006

"Specifications. Calibrated, long steel corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, heat-resistant. "According to GOST 5949-75.

" Range. Calibrated hexagonal rolled steel." According to GOST 8560-78

"Forged steel square, round." According to GOST 1133-71

"Grades. Heat-resistant, heat-resistant steel, corrosion-resistant, high-alloy. According to GOST 5632-72

"Assortment. Hot-rolled section steel hexagonal. "According to GOST 2879-2006.


-Temperature of air intensive scale formation is +900 °C.

- ferritic class alloy is corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant up to temperatures of +850 ° C.

Steel grade 08Cr17T is used as a substitute for such steel grades as: 12X18H10T, 12X18H9T, with the same objectives as steel grade 12X17, including for welded structures.

Percentage composition of 08X17T steel (GOST 5632-72)

Ti Si S P Mn Cr C
5-С-0,8 ≤0,80 ≤0,035 ≤0,025 ≤0,80 16,0-18,0 ≤0,08

Strength of 08Cr17T as a function of temperature

t°-testing °C d5,% Heat treatment sB, MPa d d10 y ,%
20 ≥30 Delivery condition ≥460
1200 ≥111 --- "--- ≥59
900 ≥90 --- "--- ≥59
800 ≥54 --- "--- ≥78
700 ≥37 --- "--- ≥155
600 ≥36 --- "--- ≥195
500 ≥35 --- "--- ≥245
400 ≥33 --- "--- ≥280
300 ≥32 --- "--- ≥330
200 ≥31 --- "--- ≥390
1100 ≥110 ≥59

Mechanical Characteristics of 08Cr17T alloy (temperature 20°C)

Delivery condition Section tisp.,°C temperature,°C St|S0,2 MPa sB, MPa d5,% d4 d d10 y ,% KCU, kJ/m2 HB HRC HRB HV HSh
Parts blanks for pipeline valves based on ST CKBA 016-2005. Air cooled, t° 770-780 °C annealed +, air cooled, t°780 °C ≤60 ≥245 ≥392 ≥20 ≥50 ≥294 126-197
Part blanks for pipeline valves based on ST CKBA 016-2005. Air cooling, t°. 770-780 °С annealing +, cooling with air, 780-810 °С annealing with furnace, (seasoning.20 h), ≤60 ≥157 ≥392 ≥25 ≥55 ≥49 126-197
Cold-rolled (0.7-3.9 mm) hot-rolled (1.5-3.9 mm) sheet based on GOST 5582-75. Tempering annealing t°. 750-780 °C ≥490 ≥20
Hot-rolled sheets (4.0-25.0 mm) cold-rolled sheets (4.0-5.0 mm) based on GOST 7350-77. Tempering annealing t°. 765-780 °C, air cooling, with furnace. ≥440 ≥18
Forged, hot-rolled bars based on GOST 5949-75. Cooling with water, air, t°765-785 °C annealing Sample ≥245 ≥390 ≥20 ≥50
Seamless hot-deformed pipes in delivery condition based on GOST 9940-81 Sample ≤441 ≥17
Tempering, annealing t°. 745-785 °C (cross-section - wall thickness). In pipe delivery condition. 3,5-32,0 ≤441 ≥17
Cold-deformed pipe 0,2-22,0 ≤441 ≥17
Other additional information.
The level of mechanical characteristics for forged, hot-rolled sections are set by agreement with the consumer, as well as the manufacturer on the basis of GOST 5949-75.

Physical characteristics of 08Cr17T

t° of testing in °C 700 400 300 200 100 20 0
Torsional shear modulus of elasticity in (G, GPa)
normal elasticity modulus (E, GPa) 206 206
Density in (r, kg/m3) 7700 7700
Electrical resistance (R, Nm - m) 462 462
Thermal conductivity coefficient (l, W/(m - °C)) 25 25
Specific heat capacity (C, J/(kg - °C)) 462
Linear expansion coefficient in (a, 10-61/°C) 12,1 11,9 11,9 11,6 11,4 11,2 10,8

Technological properties of 08Cr17T grade alloy

Tendency to temper embrittlement 08Cr17T has a tendency to temper embrittlement at temp.+475 °C.
Peculiarities of heat treatment Welded products made of 08Cr17T must be annealed at 720-780°C for 2 hours, air cooling. Parts belonging to the ferrite class should be subjected to heating to. 760-780 ° C, air cooling and ageing on the calculation - 1 mm of maximum alloy thickness 30 min + 1 min to achieve maximum ductility, and eliminate the tendency to IBC. tempering of products to 450-555 ° C is not allowed - this will lead to brittleness.
Weldability For automatic submerged-arc welding of ANF-14, AN-26 wires Sv-05Kh25N12Tu and 08Kh20N9G7T are used. Limited weldable steel. Mechanical satisfactory qualities are obtained during welding of products with insignificant thickness up to 3 mm.
Forging temperature. Air-cooled at a cross-section not exceeding 350 mm. The beginning - 1220 °C, the end - 900 °C.

Impact toughness

Cross-sectional specimen. Sheet of 8 mm. ≥6 ≥7 ≥156
In delivery condition the temperature -40 -20 +20
Longitudinal sample. Sheet 8 mm. ≥6 ≥9 ≥177


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