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C84400 alloy

Technical characteristics

UNS C84400 is semi-red brass alloy that contains 7−10% of zinc, and not less than78% of copper. This is a modern substitute of tombak. Due to modern technological possibilities, there are can be manufactured the most complex details out of semi-red brass. These details can be joined by brazing with a help of braze solders. There is not recommended to use such types of welding: arc welding in atmosphere of protective gas, carbon electrode welding, oxy-acetylene welding.

Percentage composition according to EN12165

Name Content, %
Copper (Cu) 78−82
Zinc (Zn) 7−10
Lead (Pb) 6−8
Tin (Sn) 1
Nickel (Ni) ≤ 0.4
Iron (Fe) 0.25
Antimony (Sb) 0.08
Sulfur (S) 0.02
Phosphorous (P) 0.005
Silicon (Si) 0.005
Aluminium (Al) 0.005

Physical features

1) Heat conductivity BTU / (sq. m-inch-h-F) is 41,9;

2) Specific heat (inch / еF 68 F) is 0.9;

3) Thermal expansion (68 F — 500 F) is 0,000010;

4) Density pound/cu in 68 F is 0.314;

5) Electrical conductivity % IACS 68 F is 16.4;

6) Module of elasticity KSI is 13.000.

Mechanical properties

1) Brinell hardness is 55 (500 kg of load);

2) Tensile strength rupture limit KSI is 30 min;

3) Yield limit KSI (0,5% Ext. under load) is 15 min;

4) Elongation in % 2 inches is 16 min.

European analogs of this alloy are:

— ASTM B584

— ASTM B763


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