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Aluminum square

Technical Characteristics

Aluminum square is a semi-finished product that is often described as a building profile. It has a square cross-section and is made of aluminum alloys or aluminum in its pure form. This profile is made with sides ranging in size from 6 mm to 200 mm (included).


Production of aluminum rolled square section is extremely in demand, as it has an optimal ratio of weight to strength, so it is widely used in all types of structures. It is used in construction and interior decoration, as well as for the manufacture of frames and machine parts. It is very light, relatively cheap, perfectly machinable and easy to assemble. It is non-magnetic, non-toxic, durable, aesthetically appealing, Thanks to the surface oxide film it is little susceptible to corrosion in a humid environment. Aluminum is superior to steel in a number of ways:

  • It is a much lighter metal;
  • much more technologically advanced;
  • Aluminum alloys with silicon or magnesium, resistant even to sea water

Aluminum square marking

State of the material Strength Rolled precision By length

M - soft, annealed;

T - naturally hardened and aged;

T1 - hardened and artificially aged.

PP - increased strength;

Without designations - of normal strength.

H - normal;

P - increased;

B - high;

KD - multiple of measured length (with a multiplicity designation);

NK/HB - shorter than/no more than specified length with this size designation

BT - in coils (of odd length)

Hot-deformed quadrature is manufactured without heat treatment.

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