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Foil, strip made of brass


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
L68 2.0280 CuZn33 Buy from stock, view availability
LS59-1 2.0402 CuZn39Pb1 Buy from stock, view availability
L63 2.0321 C27200 CuZn37 Buy from stock, view availability


Brass strip has rectangular cross section and random length. It is manufactured by cold or hot rolling. There are distinguished hard, soft, semi-hard strips of extra, high or standard accuracy of manufacture. Grades C26800 (CuZn33), CuZn37 (2.0321) are made according to GOST2208−2007; C26800 (CuZn33) strip for priming cap is made according to GOST 1018−77; CuZn37 (2.0321) radiator strip — according to GOST 20 707−80. Chemical composition is specified by GOST 24 231 — 80.

Types of strip

— intended to be used in food industry;
— specified by extrusion depth;
— made of antimagnetic brass;
— intended to be used for radiator fin manufacturing;
— for manufacture of radiator tubes;
— strips that have specified hardness standards;
— strips that have specified tension standards.


A high degree of workability allows using brass strip in manufacture of condensers, lead frames, connectors, relays, wireless resistors, priming caps and other specific elements. It is used for everyday needs: pieces of furniture decoration, findings, various small parts of complex shape. Brass strip is also utilized in motor-vehicle industry: radiators parts of grades CuZn10 (52400), CuZn37 (2.0321) (20−707−80). Besides, strip is used as an element of building face decoration. Utilized in engraving, cladding, installation of telecommunications networks.

Brass strip CuZn37 (2.0321)

Thickness, mm Weight Price



kg Negotiated





kg Negotiated
0,1−2 kg Negotiated


Brass strip is very workable product that differs with corrosive resistance, reliability, durability. It can be perfectly exposed to treatment, installation. It complies with all technological standards being at that foolproof by all parameters. It is reliable heat and electric conductor. After utilization, brass strip can be used the second time.


Brass products cannot be called very strong in comparison with other alloys.

Manufacture of brass strip

Application GOST TC Marking Note
Brass strip of different application


2208−91, 1018−77, 20707−80,


5169, 8036







CuZn10 (52400), CuZn15 (2.0240), CuZn20 (2.0250), C26800 (CuZn33), CuZn37 (2.0321), C38000 (CuZn40Pb1).

Standard cutting

0,5- 2,0x10−600хL

Chemical composition, GOST 15 527−70

Priming cup manufacture 1018−77 C26800 (CuZn33)    
Radiator strips 20707−80 CuZn10 (52400), CuZn37 (2.0321)    
Precision instrument engineering 4442−72 C35600 Made of leaded brass  

Marking of brass strip

Manufacturing method Accuracy Length Special conditions Material state


drawn (cold-deformed)

standard by width, extra by thickness

standard by width and thickness

extra accuracy by thickness

extra by width and thickness

extra by width, standard by thickness


extra accuracy by coil camber

for stamping


can withstand a bend test

for radiator fin

with specified extrusion depth

for radiator tubes





extra hard

Hot-rolled brass strip can be manufactured of the following grades: CuZn37 (2.0321), C26800 (CuZn33), CuZn20 (2.0250), CuZn15 (2.0240), CuZn10 (C52400), CuZn40Mn2 (C38000), CuZn40Pb1 (2.0572), C46400 (2.0530), C38000 (CuZn40Pb1) Thickness constitutes from 5 up to 25 mm.

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