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36KNM rod, wire, sheet


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Technical characteristics

36KNM grade relates to soft-magnetic alloys that possess a high corrosive resistance, low coercitive force and great induction of mean and weak fields. A differential peculiarity of this grade is a high resistance to corrosion and significant induction magnitude in magnetic weak fields. Basically, alloy is used in manufacture of magnet wires that exploit in aggressive environment (in a sea water etc.) Except of ferrum (a basis), this grade contains cobalt (36%), nickel (22%), molybdenum (2,9 — 3,3%) in its composition. In a capacity of alloy additives are used silicon and mangan.


Type Description
limitedly weldable — welding is possible at heating to 100−120°С and last heat treating
hardly weldable — in order to obtain a qualitative welded joints, it is necessary to perform the following operations: while welding to heat it up to 200−300°C, heat treating (annealing) after welding
weldable without stint — welding is done without further heat treating or previous heating

Percentage composition of 36KNM:

P Cr V Ni C S Si Mo Mn Cu Al
≤0.015 ≤0,15 ≤0.1 35 — 37 ≤0.05 ≤0.015 ≤ 0.3 ≤0.1 0.3 — 0.6 ≤0.1 ≤0.1

Mechanical features of alloy at a temperature 20 °C.

Products Size KCU y d5 sT sv F.e. Heat treating
GOST 14 080−78 mm kJ/m2 % % MPa MPa - -
Hammer-hardened strip 930 - - - - - - -

Mechanical characteristics:

Description Identification
Short resistance to rupture [MPa] sv
Flow limit (proportional limit load) for permanent change of form [MPa] sT
Percent elongation at fracture [ % ] d5
Contraction ratio y
Impact hardness [ kJ/m2] KCU
Brinell hardness [MPa] HB

Physical characteristics of 36KNM

С° 1/С° kg/m3 J/(kg/deg) V/(m/deg) MPa Ohm-m
    1,42 20 420 1,45 8200

Physical characteristics of an actual alloy grade:

Description Identification
Modulus of elasticity of first genus [MPa] E
Required temperature for obtaining of actual features, [Degree] T
linear expansion thermal coefficient [1/degree] (range of temperatures 20°С) a
electrical unit-area resistance [Ohm-m] R
Density of an actual material, [kg/m3] r
Heating capacity of material (or coefficient of conductivity for heat) [V/(m/deg)] l
Specific heat of a material [J/(kg/deg)] (range of temperature 20°С) C

Magnetic characteristics:

Description Identification
Coercive field (not higher) [A/m] Hc
Magnetical inductive capacity (not higher) [mH/m] Umax
Specific loss (not higher) 50 hz of frequency, magnetic induction 1.0 Т[ V/kg ] P1.0/50
Magnetic T induction, magnetic field strength is no less than 100, in magnetic field, [A/m] B100

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