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Wire, rod made of titanium grade 23

Rod (bar), wire
Wire, rod made of titanium grade 23


Grade analogue W. Nr. Aisi Uns En Order
3.7165 R56401 Ti6AL4VEli Buy from stock, view availability

Technical characteristics

Titanium alloys are divided into three main groups: alpha- alloys, beta-alloys, alpha-beta alloys. This titanium alloy refers to alpha-beta alloys. Grade 23 (Ti6Al4V ELI) has a number of advantages. It differs with high fracture toughness. It can be heat treated. This treatment promotes grain refinement and increases strength of a material. In order to do alloy annealing, a material must be heated to 732 ° C during 25 min — 4 hours. Then, it must be cooled to 566 °C. All steps are carried out under inert gas protection.

Percentage composition of alloying components

  Al V Fe O N C H
Min 5,5 3,5 - - - - -
Max 6,5 4,5 0,25 0,13 0,03 0,8 0.016

Corrosive resistance

This metal exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion. It is resistant to action of chlorides, salt water, effect of oxidizing agents and sea water. Corrosion resistance is evaluated by a magnitude of mass loss in milligrams sq cm of a surface during 12 weeks of testing in a quiescent phase and in the jet. Let us compare indexes in environment of sea water.

Material Losses mg/cm2
in a quiescent phase in the jet
Titanium grade 23 0.0 0.0
Steel Cr18Ni9Ti 0.0 0.9
Alluminium AlMn61 0.6 12.7
Brass BrSn70−1 4.1 20.1
Bronze CuSn1Zn2 3.4 25
Electrolytic copper 4.3 69

Pressure treatment

Titanium Ti6Al4V ELI can be exposed to hot forming and cold stamping. Forming methods include hydraulic press, breaker. Cold treatment of this material has the same features as austenitic stainless steel has. Annealing is recommended for removing residual stress and achieving optimal operational properties.


Like all grade of European titanium, alloy of this grade provides the highest strength and durability. It is used in chemical, processing industry, energetics, drilling equipment, shipbuilding, aerospace and light industry. Biological inertness and high strength allow using this alloy in medical implants. It can be used in surgery for a manufacture of surgical instruments, bows, orthopaedic pins, screws, springs.

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