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Mill-products made of rare metals

Variety of mill-products

Mill-products are metallic products made of non-ferrous or ferrous metals that are rolled to necessary sizes by cold or hot rolling with a help of special machines. Aluminium, steel, titanium, copper, tungsten etc. can be the material for products. Complexity of manufacturing technology and self-cost at that will be absolutely different. There are many subsorts of mill-products: rolled shape, rolled tubular, flat rolled, rolled section.

Range of products

Rolled section stock has usually round or oval cross section. Rolled shape stock differs with more complex section. Flat rolled stock mill-products are sheets made out of metals with different standard sizes. Profiled sheet is one of the most utilized types of metal-roll. Due to its properties, this type of metal-roll is applied for interior and exterior finishing. Pipes relates to rolled tubular metal-roll. There are two types of pipes: 1) seamless, 2) welded. There is often used so-called decorative type of metal-roll — casting part or elements that are used for finishing of arcs, fencings, garden houses etc. Metal-roll can be also distinguished by its application sphere: Galvanized steel, for example, has found an application in building industry. Special types of mill-products are used in shipbuilding and aircraft engineering.


Currently, manufacturing technology of metal-roll uses all new progressive developments. You can buy it for very affordable price. It is applied almost in all spheres: in heavy, agricultural, petroleum refining industries, everyday life. Metal is considered to be the most appropriate material due to its incontestable properties.


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