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Wire, rod, bar, hex bar made of titanium grade 2

Wire, rod (bar), hex bar Sheet (plate), strip


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The main advantage of rod, wire, bar of titanium grade 2 is a capability of keeping strength properties at a temperature range from cryogenic to +650°С. It also possesses high plasticity, corrosive resistance, biological inertness, softness. Linear expansion coefficient of titanium grade 2 is inconspicuous — even more than magnesium. Titanium mill-products are not only resistant to corrosion, atmospheric moisture, sea and fresh water, but also to effect of nitric acid, hydrogen sulfide, chloride. It can withstand water column pressure on an ocean bottom and pressure of incandescent gasses in rocket nozzles. It does not possess «metal fatigue».

Thickness of semi-fabricate (mm) Name Heat treatment Plasticity δ% Strength (MPa) KCU J/cm³
10 — 100 A bar Annealing more than 20% 392 — 540 more than 100
101 — 150 A bar Annealing more than 17% 392 — 540 more than 50
150 — 250 A bar Annealing more than 15% 353 — 540 more than 50
140 — 250 A bar Annealing more than 17% 373 — 540 more than 70
Ø 80 A bar Hot-rolled 28 450 200
Ø 100 A bar Hot-rolled 27.2 470 140
Ø 80 A bar Annealing 29 450 185
Ø 100 A bar Annealing 23.7 455 175

There can be 3 types of cutting: short transverse, longitudinal, high-altitude.


The main demerit is a high ratio of labour to output. Titanium smelts only in an environment of inert gasses or in vacuum as long as a liquid-alloy can actively engage with any atmospheric gasses. Wire, rod, bar of titanium grade 2 are hardly cut. They possess not very high strength (390−540 MPa).


It complies with GOST 27 265−87. Black spots, place of non-pickling must not be presented on a surface of product. Colour must be clear and clean, without tarnish tint. Distortion that forms at annealing is not a flaw. Titanium grade 2 relates to alpha-alloys which are enriched with alpha-stabilizers, metals (gallium, aluminium, indium) and non-metals (carbon, oxygen, nitrogen) that increase a temperature of polymorphic transformation. It is known that Ti can keep HCP- lattice (alpha-phase) up to a temperature of 882,5°C. If a temperature is near to a melting point, it keeps BCC- lattice (beta phase).

Physical characteristics of titanium grade 2
Temperature at which are obtained actual characteristics 20°С
Lineal expansion coefficient α x 106 at 100 °C [1/ °С] 8.2
Density g/cm3;

Elasticity module of 1 sort Е [MPa]x10-5 1.12
Specific heat of alloy at 20 °C [J (kg*deg)] 0.540
Heat conduction coefficient, l [V/(m-deg)] 18.85
Specific electric resistance Оmh-mm2/m 1.6


Wire, rod, bar of titanium grade 2 are much-requested in modern rocket engineering, shipbuilding where small weight and reliability play an important role. An acid-resistance is very important for chemical industry. Essential value has a high corrosive resistance in oil-gas industry, petrochemical industry; biological inertness play an important role in medicine, food and agricultural industries. Along with that, titanium bar is used for manufacture of top-class jewelry. Consumption of titanium grade 2 in arms-producing industry incerases all the time.

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